Friday, July 17, 2015

Utter Nonsense

Comment from a reader on the post The US should stay away
The comments by this individual are utter nonsense. While some of what he says is true, about Filipinos wanting to meet American Sailors... most of them simply want to find a husband and a better life. His comment about 50% of dod forces in the region being non citizen Filipinos is total BS. One only has to look at the make up of the people on the visiting ships to see that only a fraction of a percent may be Asian or Filipino decent. This so called "brotherhood" of Filipino military who persecute others is laughable. The Philippines is a great liberty port.. one that has been enjoyed by our men in uniform for well over a hundred years. I would feel safer here than in Baltimore or DC or Memphis

False accusations

While I don't have any memory of criminal cases and trials involving U.S. servicemen in the PI before 1991 or if the seemingly unique decision to detain a suspect or convicted felon in the U.S. Embassy was ever done before, in the 2005 case of Lance Corporal Daniel Smith, it could have been that the U.S. military and embassy powers-that-were looked into his eyes and believed his vehement claims that he was innocent (= reasonable doubt about it being rape). And knowing he'd get railroaded in a "she said, he said" trial in a coconut republic, they did what they could to lessen the effects of his initial confinement and the unjust punishment of a 40-year term.
The fact that Smith's accuser recanted her testimony following the trial and conviction is disgusting. Making false statements or providing false information on visa applications is cause to deny the visa and bar entry to the U.S. How about the much more serious and heinous action of falsely accusing someone of rape?

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The US should stay away

Comment from a reader on the Pemberton case:
So end the agreement with the Philippines, its not going to hinder the success of the US military in the pacific region. If anything it will save the DOD and the service members money. In addition it will protect service members health from disease.

The majority of people reading this article will feel bad for the Filipino nation because one of their people was murdered. But what they don't realize is what happens when US military sets up in PI or when one the Navy's ships pull in. Filipino prostitutes and scam artists flock from all corners of PI to get their piece of the militarys money, and to con your sons and daughters out of their paycheck. They even set up fake face book profiles, pretending to be girls that want a date, and then try to take advantage of soldiers and sailors and charge them before the date begins.

They will complain now, but when shit hits the fan, they will call for US military aid.
Many people also don't realize that about 50 % of DOD forces in the Pacific region are made up of Filipino nationals, who were able to join the US Military as non-us citizens. They group together in a brotherhood at their command, and persecute anyone who is not in their group.

PI is bad news. The US should stay as far away as possible.

Monday, July 13, 2015


It takes a sick man to kill because his victim was a trans woman. Hang him high.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

No anti-American sentiment here in the Philippines

Comment from a reader on the return of US bases to the Philippines and the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement
For the Americans I say to
you don't believe about this Anti-American sentiment here in the Philippines
because they are just a fraction of people (leftist, communist American-haters,
etc.) waiting of a reasons to rally outside American embassy in Manila just to
down American influence here in our country but in fact Majority or 90% of the

Filipino approve American influence positively.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

He snapped

He's a Marine. They are of a different mind set. He was young and he obviously snapped. I'm sure it crossed his mind that when his Marine buddies found out, he'd be tortured endlessly.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Don't throw good money after bad

Comment from a reader on the return of US bases to the Philippines and the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement

The start of another money pit.....base building to begin.....billions we can ill afford to defend not our shores but others......who most likely will also charge us for the pleasure of basing in their countries and defending them and their interests.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Why so insecure?

The ladyboy definitely should have been upfront, but yes, it has everything to do with insecurity. If you get that threatened or worked up about something so relatively unimportant, you have issues. When men get this upset, I immediately think closet case.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Filipinos want the US bases back in their country

Comment from a reader on the return of US bases to the Philippines and the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement

Only the noisy left are protesting. Recent surveys indicate that more than 80% of Filipinos view the US favorably. We're one of the few countries who would gladly welcome a US presence. Don't listen to a few misguided communists.