Sunday, June 30, 2013

Bar Hop

On July 3rd there is a bar hop being scheduled.  The Bugle is not sure who is putting this on or why as the flyer didn't mention anything but it seems like a pretty good way to spend a few hours.  The schedule is as follows:

1300  Bos'n Locker
1330 Alley Cats
1400 Route 69
1430 Dusk til Dawn
1500 Westpac Sailor (VFW)
1530 Liberty Call
1600 Doc's Hooyah
1630 Generals
1700 Dynamite Dick's

Hope to see you there....

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Election Trash

Now that the elections are over,  the Bugle is wondering if and when all of the campaign materials will be removed.  We know that the majority of these campaign materials are illegal according to Resolution No. 9615  .  The following are some of the more pertinent excerpts from the resolution.

 SECTION 7. Prohibited Forms of Election Propaganda. - During the campaign period, it is unlawful:   
  1. To post, display or exhibit any election campaign or propaganda material outside of authorized common poster areas, in public places, or in private properties without the consent of the owner thereof.
  2. Public places referred to in the previous subsection (f) include any of the following:
    1. Electronic announcement boards, such as LED display boards located along highways and streets, LCD TV displays posted on walls of public buildings, and other similar devices which are owned by local government units, government-owned and controlled corporations, or any agency or instrumentality of the Government;
    2. Motor vehicles used as patrol cars, ambulances, and other  similar purposes that are owned by local government units, government-owned and controlled corporations, and other agencies and instrumentalities of the Government, particularly those bearing red license plates;
    3. Waiting sheds, sidewalks, street and lamp posts, electric posts and wires, traffic signages and other signboards erected on public property, pedestrian overpasses and underpasses, flyovers and underpasses, bridges, main thoroughfares, center islands of roads and highways;
SECTION 24. Creation of Task Force to Tear Down and Remove Unlawful Election Materials. - There is hereby created a task force to tear down and remove all unlawful election materials composed of the Election Officer as Chairman, the Station Commander of the PNP (Chief of Police) as Vice Chairman, and a third member belonging to any of the deputized agencies of the Commission.
  1. The Task Force shall have the following duties and functions:
  2. To tear down and remove campaign propaganda materials posted in public places outside the common poster areas;
  3. To tear down and remove all prohibited forms of campaign materials wherever posted or displayed;
  4. To monitor and watch out for persons posting or distributing said unlawful election paraphernalia and to arrest said persons caught in the act; and
  5. To make a report of said activities done by them.
So what the Bugle wants is for all of its readers to start asking the local elected officials to do their jobs and remove these eyesores from our neighborhoods.

Friday, June 28, 2013

New Resort for SBFZ

Recently there has been a lot of news report coming out on the P20 Billion resort complex to be built by a Korean company on SBFZ.  The article here is the most comprehensive to date.  But what puzzles the Bugle is that he remembers there being a big controversy the last time someone tried to build on the old mini golf course because it would entail cutting down of several trees in the area.  Makes you wonder what has happened to make these trees less important this time around.  Or is it that the price for the trees has been met,

The second phase of the project is out in the old NavMag area.  The Bugle recalls a bit of controversy out in that area when Hanjin built a condo or two out in that area.  Where are all the tree huggers now?  Have they been silenced somehow?

Speaking of Korean investment on SBFZ wasn't there supposed to have been a big 10 story condo built by some Korean company not too long ago?  We have all seen how that came out.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Disconnection Notice Olongapo

Here is a copy of the latest disconnection notice sent to Olongapo City Officials

Still not sure if this will affect the entire city or just the government run portions.  Will be interesting to see what works out from this.  The Bugle's opinion is that the everyone who accepted money for their votes in previous elections should be held partly responsible.

Don't Just Stand There, Do Something !!

A reader comments on Pontificating Crap I think the blogger's point is that you can vote with your feet and leave the place if you choose, but high-handed down-dressing of the place serves no real productive pursuit. People often rant about things they wish would change, but are not willing to change. Get some skin in the game and your opinions will be relevant because they will be those of a doer, not a looker or a poser... or just another geezer whose nostalgia is about as accurate as my stories of my sexual prowess of yore.

From the Bugle:  Good points sir reminds the Bugle of a story about a man in an arena....

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

USS Fitzgerald to Visit Subic

Manila, June 26, 2013 – The guided-missile destroyer USS Fitzgerald (DDG 62) will arrive in Subic Bay on Thursday, June 27, to participate in the Philippines- United States Cooperation Afloat Readiness and Training (CARAT) exercise.  The ship’s visit and CARAT highlight the strong historic community and military relations between the Philippines and the United States.

Through exercises near Subic Bay, the 19th CARAT is a series of bilateral naval exercises between the U.S. Navy and the armed forces of Bangladesh, Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Timor-Leste.  CARAT Philippines began in 1995, and has since occurred in several locations throughout the Philippines, including Cebu (2009), Subic Bay (2010), Puerto Princesa (2011) and most recently General Santos City in Mindanao (2012).

Training events in each CARAT phase are tailored based on available assets and mutual training goals across a broad range of naval capabilities.  CARAT Philippines 2013 will focus on maritime security operations, maritime domain awareness and information sharing.  The exercise will also feature extensive training in diving and salvage operations, jungle warfare and marksmanship, tactical combat casualty care, civil affairs, riverine and boarding team scenarios, sporting events, community service projects and public band concerts.

Classy or Not You Decide

Readers,  What is up with the paint job on the new Hot Zone building?  While this building was under construction the Bugle marveled at how the building was going to enhance our main drag.  The style of the building was more modern than most, parking spaces were being incorporated into the building plan, and overall you got the feeling that the ownership had taken some time and they were not just doing it as cheaply as possible.  But then who was it that decided on the paint job?  There is no way that it could have been the same people that designed the building.  Even if you wanted to use flames and silhouettes of sexy pole dancers as the basis of your design the Bugle is positive that the outcome could have been a lot classier than what came out.  What is there looks like some child from the 60's got loose with some neon paint.  But then again maybe the ownership didn't want the place to emit an upscale gentleman's club vibe. I guess maybe trailer park is the vibe that they are shooting for.  What a waste of a great opportunity to enhance our little piece of heaven here in Barretto.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Lesson in Education

Comment from a reader on The Bugle Should be More Critical of the Philippines

 studies on IQ show Filipinos at the bottom, next to Nigeria...their knowlege of certain accepted scientific facts is abysmal, how things work, history, they have no idea about WW2 or that the Philippines was named after Prince Philip of Spain, their Spanish colonizers, the mix of Malay Thai Spanish Indonesian, Japanese, Chinese even India a thousand years ago, etc etc no sir I am pure Filipina...give me a break...its PATHETIC...ask them about Rizal...the planets, the 10 Commandments, where is Manila, where is the McDonalds, where do they live, ober there just go one said that makes them inferior, but what does that mean? Inferior education, no food growing up, lead poisoning, genetics, culture of ignorance, whatever IT IS WHAT IT IS and be honest enough to recognize it...if you don't see the prpblems they cannot be fixed....and Filipino is not a race, its a nationality...if your blog was about Stalinist Russia and the reader criticized the mass murders, would that make on 

From the Bugle:

Would be interested in seeing where you are getting your studies from.  

Monday, June 24, 2013

Rental Space Available at LTO Offices Nationwide

Getting your drivers license will be so much quicker now and just think of what one could do with the free space. 

No more drug test for driver’s license

MANILA, Philippines - A provision in the Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002 that requires mandatory drug testing for those applying for drivers’ licenses has been revoked under the Anti-Drunk and Drugged Driving Act of 2013.
Senate Majority Leader Vicente Sotto III said Republic Act No. 10586 did not only remove a useless requirement for license applicants but also allowed motorists a respite from costly drug tests. The drug test costs more than P200.
Sotto, principal author of RA 10586, stressed that there is no more mandatory drug testing when one applies for or renews a drivers’ license.
“The new law expressly revoked Sec. 36 (a) of the Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002 which mandated the drug testing. The mandatory drug test has not served its purpose,” he added.
Sotto made the statement to make sure that the Land Transportation Office (LTO) and its satellite offices will follow the provisions of the new law to the letter.
“The conduct of drug tests should now be stopped by the LTO,” he added.
Sotto explained that the repealing clause in RA 10586 specifically stated that mandatory drug testing was among those deemed inconsistent with the new law, which President Aquino signed last May 30.
Under RA 10586, drug testing will only be conducted for those driving under the influence (DUI) as determined by law enforcement authorities based on certain manifestations, like over-speeding, weaving, lane straddling, swerving and others.
“If the driver fails in the sobriety tests, it shall be the duty of the law enforcement officer to implement the mandatory determination of the driver’s blood alcohol concentration level through the use of a breath analyzer or similar measuring instrument,” it read.
It also provides mandatory tests for drivers involved in vehicular accidents to determine if they are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Such cases allow for a more effective way of apprehending motorists under the influence of drugs and alcohol, Sotto said.
“We want a safer environment to everyone - drivers, pedestrians and the general public. Too many lives have been wasted and lost because of drunken driving or driving while under the influence of drugs,” Sotto said.
The law also states that those who refuse to undergo tests would be charged and fined accordingly. Tasked to implement RA 10586 include the Philippine National Police, and those deputized by the LTO.
Penalties for DUI range from three months in prison and a fine of P20,000 to perpetual revocation of the driver’s license, a fine of P500,000 and longer prison term.
Sotto pointed out that the mandatory drug test for license applicants is an ineffective requirement, citing data from the Department of Health and the Dangerous Drugs Board.
Records showed that out of millions a mere 0.06 percent tested positive in the drug tests conducted by the LTO from 2002 to 2010.
The statistics showed that users tend to abstain from drugs for several weeks before they renew their driver’s license, Sotto said.
“They are able to come clean during the drug test. It has led to a mockery of the drug test requirement,” he said.

Terminal 3 Blues

The Bugle recently had the opportunity to travel into the country via terminal 3 at NAIA.  All he can say is there must be a huge shrtage of immigration officers in this country.  There was at least 50 immigration counters if not more and in a typical Philippino fashion there was only about 10 lanes open.  While I will say that at the time it wasn't too busy but it is a bit disconcerting to be waiting in a line when you see all of those unmanned booths just sitting there unused.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Readers Comment on the Blue Rock Murder

Comments from readers on  What Happened with the Murder at Blue Rock?

When we travel, we have to realize we are guests in the other person's country, this is doubly true when we get into business. Using two Ozzie phrases, Paul was, "A legend in his own mind" and "Had lost the plot". Everyone has their bad days, but he would demean employees in front of their peers and customers frequently (Ask even his friends). In the two days before the shooting, he fired over 20 regular employees at Blue Rock. Personally I don't think that actually was the motivation. People have hinted with the phrase, "He was a man about town". A woman being married was not a reason for Paul not to pursue them, maybe it should have been. He was very hard working, but not very diplomatic.

And from another reader:  

Check out the May edition of Harry The Horse he gives many of the rumored reasons for the murder.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Happy Times

Comment from a reader on Smell the Sewage

This entire thread mystifies me. Why do we live here? There are so many reasons. Retirement on a budget; business; Luxury lifestyle for a fraction of places like Hawaii (Anvaya Cove for example); beautiful tropical lifestyle; great golf and I could go on and on. In my view, cheap women and booze are NOT the reasons why most of us choose to live here. Casual tourists aside, residents come from all walks of life and are some of the most interesting people I have ever met in my life. I am happy to live here, and if I am not in my luxury condo or on the golf course, and visiting friends in the provinces, the aroma of raw sewage in the morning is just one of those things to take in stride. I know that if I ever get so cynical and angry and unhappy here, I can simply go somewhere else where I can be happy. Peace my friends.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Buy Your Generator ASAP

Anthony Barayong of the PHILStar wrote an intersting article concerning the notice of disconnection to the city for its failure to pay its electric bill  you can access it here

We here at the Bugle do not condone in any way not paying ones bills, Now if this was part of a smear campaign as alledged in the article it worked pretty darn good.  But how can you make up this kind of stuff, 5 billion P!!!  

This is just another reason why this area needs a truly free press.  A press that doesn't hide things and cover them up but one that exposes corruption.  

Wendy's Buns

The other day the Bugle had a chance to try out the Wendy's fast food burger joint that has recently been opened at the Harbor Point Mall.  The Bugle has always been a fan of the Wendy's chain when in the States as the Bugle has always felt that they have some of the best buns in the business.  While the buns at the local establishment can't compare to their counterparts in the states I will say that their meat is much better than the other chains in town.  If you are looking for a good burger at a reasonable price look no further.

Technical difficulties

Sorry readers but due to unforeseen circumstances ( read connectivity issues with my local provider)  I have been remiss in updating the blog.  I will not go into the reasons why I have had these problems but I think that they have been resolved.