Friday, May 24, 2013

The Bugle Should be More Critical of the Philippines


Comment from a reader on: Leave the Poor Bigots Alone! : You are in the Philippines moron. The reader blames the Philippines because that is who is running the show...and your blog is about the Philippines... If you were living in Albania and professing to write an intelligent fair minded truthful Albanian blog, would you be defending the Albanians and labeling any criticism of Albania and Albanians as bigoted or racist?

From the Bugle: We get your point. You think Filipinos and the Philippines are inferior to your race. Anything else to add to the discussion?  

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  1. Readers comment on Leave the Poor Bigots Alone. I didn't care for the name calling, but the reader cited the Bugle's response to criticism of the Philippines and asked if the Bugle would apply the same resistance to criticism of another country such as Albania. The Bugle's answer was that the reader thought that Filipinos and the Philippines were inferior to his race. That was quite a leap, the logic of which escaped me.


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