Saturday, May 18, 2013

Robbing Retirees Blind


It may be "It is what it is" today, but it doesn't mean it'll stay that way! If we don't change it it'll only become worse and more disgusting tomorrow. The above claim history is typical. It took over 4 years to finally settle all of my claim with an emergency treatment for ischemic stroke in Angeles City, whose AUFMC ER did nothing but charge P2500.00 before informing us that they "don't treat PTSD patients, thank you," and subsequently at Mt Carmel in San Fernando Pampanga, which sent me to Heart Center hours after my arrival. Had I not received a lot of assistance from an authoritative and dedicated individual who knows the ropes in Tricare, I would have received about 6% of my claim. TMA/ISOS are nothing more than con artists, 'flim-flam' individuals stealing the retirees blind. They lie so often one would have to hook them up to a 'truth detector' to note any change in their behavior. Procedure was somewhat complicated by WPS/TMA declaring they had never received my claim

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  1. A PTSD benefit recipient complaining about "con artists." Now that's the pot calling the kettle black!


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