Sunday, May 5, 2013

Don't Invoke the Name of Jesus

Comment from a reader on Jesus Should Pimp Slap You : Why would the Bugler publish a comment suggesting that Jesus would "pimp slap" anyone, even if one reader disagrees with another about the magnificent life over there in the Philippines? Maybe the rules got bent because the Bugler agrees with it? That's so incredibly offensive and blasphemous to-- and a complete misreading of--Jesus' anyone could invoke His name to say that, and in the same sentence accuse the original writer of being "mean spirited," is way beyond the realm of good taste...Don't need to work blue? Hmmmm.... 

From the Bugle: The commenter is just saying that Jesus would disagree strongly with the mean-spirited nature of the original poster. I do agree with you though that we should leave religious figures out these debates. They are rancorous enough without adding religion to the mix!

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  1. Hey lighten up dude!! I'm sure Jesus had a sense of humor. You need to get one too.


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