Thursday, May 2, 2013

No Offense Intended

Comment from a reader on Subic Pizza Man Pleads Guilty: The interesting thing about the Bugle and the situation generally in Subic/Angeles/Manila etc is that when things happen in the ex-pat community, like this story, a murder, a fire, a lot of it hits close to home because the ex-pat community knows these people and places. I for one have been critical of the Bugler and the Philippines -- but in fairness no doubt its a thankless task, not easy setting up and running this website and generally speaking the Bugler provides a valuable and maybe largely unappreciated service to the community. So thank you Bugler and no hard feelings, please don't take any of the rants from me or others personally. Most of us have strong opinions. The Philippines is really a love hate relationship.... 

From the Bugle: This blog is all about lively debate so no offense taken. In fact, how can these things be taken personally when this is conducted anonymously? We don't know each others identity. For all we know, we might be long-time friends out in the real world.

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