Saturday, May 11, 2013

Doomed by Jeepneys


Comment from a reader on Jeepney driver doing what Jeepney drivers do best... : Apart from the appalling nature of this specific incident, jeepney drivers (and trikes) seem absolutely oblivious to conditions around them. They U turn directly in front of you, suddenly pull into traffic without looking or caring, and refuse to move to the right even one foot to allow traffic to pass... maddening... police don't care because the government doesn’t care...maybe if police enforced the traffic/registration/licensure/pollution laws against the knuckleheads, the knuckleheads would shoot doomed to remain third world in the traffic department...

From the Bugle: They are the Kings of the Road and they are despotic rulers.

1 comment:

  1. Yup and they park whereever they want.
    I note their habit of NEVER GETTING OFF THE ROAD TO PICK SOMEONE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You guessed it Im Peed Off they are just Blatantly Rude. I cant use profanity in the Blog
    Have you seen the one in Olongapo that has Flashers/Blinkers PAINTED ON.
    I guess they dont use them anyway so why not.
    ROOM FOR ONE MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!
    thank god for a car


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