Monday, May 20, 2013

Stay Anonymous Bugler

Comment from a reader on the post: Why is the Bugle Anonymous?: Mr Bugler this is for you personally and you need not publish it, but that's up to you. It would in my humble opinion be ill-advised and naive to reveal your personal info here. Perhaps someone with an axe to grind is trying to trick you into revealing your ID. Don't do it. Yes I suppose one could argue that all of us anonymous posters "hide" behind the anonymity, that's both a good and bad thing. Bad because it encouraged lack of civility (mostly from your readers, including me too sometimes, sorry, mea culpa) as on most all blog and reply sites. Good because it encourages free flow of ideas and info, even if controversial. Especially in Philippines where things can be dangerous if the wrong person is offended. The guy at Margarita had a blog site that was very candid and he got some threats and dropped the investigative reporting, now its rather innocuous. I don't blame him. The Philippines is scary. Harry the Horse is highly informative and entertaining, great site, but he names the names of who did what to whom.

From the Bugle: Is this blog really all that controversial? Emotions do run high but this blog is more like a heated conversation among drunks in a bar than some kind of investigative expose’. Half of the people arguing in this blog don’t know it but they are actually friends. I think we had a reader tell us to burn in hell because they disagreed with us over the grounding of a boat on a reef. Ha! We have had people send in comments that implicate others in criminal activity and we either don’t run those comments or we delete the names (which is a time consuming hassle thank you very much!) We aren’t trying to hide something or protect people. We just don’t know if such allegations are true. I know some readers think we are hiding behind the Internet, but we aren’t. If we published our names, and those of our readers, then the blog would not work in its current format. This blog has two primary goals. It seeks to be 1. Interesting and 2. Local. All the other nonsense associated with this blog comes from the over-active imagination of some of our readers (who we love by the way!)

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