Thursday, February 28, 2013

How Did the Philippines Help the US after 9/11?

Comment from a reader on It Wasn't Extortion: Such a narrow minded view of reality. Unfortunately most intelligent folks understand that when you give a country back to the people from an invading force, it's hardly being a bully. And when the country no longer wants us around, we take our toys and go home. Too bad we didn't take all of the foreign aid along with it. One question... when the USA was attacked by terrorists on 9/11, how much help did the Philippines give the USA? As a wise man once said, the only thing the USA asks of other countries is a bit of land to bury our dead. 

From the Bugle: The US asked to open a US military base in the Philippines after the 9/11 terror attacks and in violation of their constitution the Philippines allowed them to open that base. It is still there today. This is their website: We're not opposed to the establishment of this US military facility in Zamboanga to fight terrorism. It has done a lot of good in fighting extremist elements down there but let's at least be honest: the Philippines stepped up and did its part. Let's not be narrow minded about history.

Editorially and Ethically Dishonest

Comment from a reader on Foreigners in the Philippines are Low Rent and Low Class Your headline completely misconstrues the point of the writer's post and is both editorially and ethically dishonest. He is saying that no one suggests the US deliberately or arrogantly grounded the ship on the coral reef. And that your trumpeting the glories of the Philippines over the US is ridiculous. Your life in US must be pretty empty to give caused you to abandon your love of country, Nathan Hale. Or is it Benedict Arnold? 

From the Bugle: The headline was written based on this quote from the the poster "1% of US citizens choose the soft target low rent low class life in the Philippines". As for abandoning love of country, what an ignorant hillbilly view of patriotism. Establishing strong military ties, and respecting your military allies (like the Philippines) is the over-arching strategy of the United States military and you shouldn't call the US military Benedict Arnold because they want to maintain strong strategic allies with countries like the Philippines. The US military sometimes makes mistakes. Owning up to those mistakes and making them right is how you maintain strong military alliances. No one will think you are a traitor if you acknowledge that simple fact.  

Cut the Philippines Loose

Agreed. The US should just cut the ungrateful PHILS loose, and left to their own devices, the PI would slowly twist in the wind until the Koreans and Chinese invade and take it over...or the local impoverished uninformed uneducated majority would maybe someday arouse themselves from their slumber and change the oligarchy...if it weren't for insurgency in Mindanao and natural gas/oil issues with emerging China, the PHILS would be beyond Phils to Singapore or Thailand or even Vietnam...its a shame...

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Just Make Clark the Premier Airport of the Philippines and Stop the Debate

From a reader: Just build the International Airport at Clark as the premier airport of the PH.  I don't understand why it has to be a choice of building it or not at all.  They should think of it as complimentary of each other, between Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila, and as Clark as the premier gateway of the country.  The benefits far out-weight the negatives and most of the opposition to Clark being turned into the premier gateway of the country are from businessmen in Manila who have a competing interest to not to see the plan go through.  The government should also think in the interest and benefits of the people and the economy rather than the lobbyist.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Tricare Needs Boots on the Ground in the Philippines

From a reader: DoD’s Philippine Tricare, I am told, has ZERO employees actually in the Philippines. Not one single Tricare mgt rep. Unlike Germany and Japan, this former US Territory has no US military bases, no US base hospitals, yet it has the second largest out-CONUS population of US Milrets on earth; most are Filipinos who served careers in the US Armed Forces. Neither the Manila US VA clinic, nor the US Embassy (which locally contracts its own employee healthcare) are available to Milrets. --- IT IS SHEER IDIOCY to believe you can manage a US DoD healthcare system in the Third World from oceans away via occasional visits and Emails. And it doesn’t take a wizard to figure out that if Tricare isn’t listening to Milrets in the Philippines, that’s probably because Tricare isn’t in the Philippines. --- Unless DoD’s goal is to design an unusable system that reduces claims on the hope that Military Retirees evaporate, “step one” is for DoD to demand its Tricare management put boots on the ground in the Philippines and keeps them there.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Obamacare will Kill Tricare

From a reader: Pretty soon all military retirees won't have Tricare but you will go into Obamacare's low income exchange pool. According to the big wigs, why should the government pay you 50 years for 20 years of service? That includes all you contractors doing the job that still think your service is a virtue. Hope you have a back up plan that includes maybe moving to a third world country.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Will I Be Covered When I Retire to the Philippines?

From a reader: I'm retiring in the Philippines next year and I am partially disabled.  Here, in US, I go to the Va for treatment and pay $8 per month for each prescription.  I haven't been paying anything for a supplement, but next year I will have to pay $28 per month for the same thing I have in 2012.  Obama care is already kicking in.  Tell me, under the current situation in the Phil, if I pay up front, when I visit a doc, will the usgov reimburise me?  Eventually?  I know that in the phil, they want their money up front.  My brother-in-law was stabbed in the liver and would have died on a gurney at the hosp entrance if my wife and her sister hadn't sent $600 for the emergency surgery to save his life.  Then we had to send some expensive liver pills that were not available in Cebu.  Now he is fine and continuing his education  Even if I don't get reimburised for my doc visits, won't the usgov pay for my hospital stays?  Two years ago, my wife & kids policy UHC told me that they would reimburise 80% after a small deductable was met.  We would have to pay all the bills up front. Is this whole argument about paying up front? Or is the USGOV refusing to pay at all?  Or what?

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

We Were Forced Out

From a reader: The reason that the US withdrew from the Philippines in the early 90's - we were forced out by the local administration. When the volcano erupted the Philippine government gave us a one year extension (realistically to rebuild the base so we could turn it over to them) which we declined. Any theft that has taken place on the base is no different than when the base was active. Anything that wasn't actually moving on the base was typically stolen within minutes. Anyone remember the 1980's photos of the new fire engine with "Clark Air Base" crudely painted out on the door that was found in the local fire station less than two weeks after it was delivered from the States?

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Using Tricare in the Philippines Saves the US Government Money

From a reader: Currently Tricare pays out in the Philippines just 13% of what would be expected compared to what they pay out per beneficiary around the rest of the world and even after being adjusted for lower costs here. These comparisons come from their own data presented to Congress so it is hard for them to deny that they are denying access to care on a massive scale here. Write your congressman about it and include the figures and Tricare ignores the figures and question in favor of spewing policy after policy. In other words; ask them why the sky is blue and they will come back with a long discussion on cloud formations.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Foreigners in the Philippines are Low Rent and Low Class

Comment from a reader on the post: Coral Reef Outrcry is Hypocrisy:

You are completely missing the point in your US self hating ex pat screed...the undisputed fact is that the locals have blown up almost all of their own coral reefs, not to mention the rest of their cultural heritage and what was once a semblance of infrastructure and law and order. What is it about it that you do not understand, especially if you have lived in Philippines for years and seen the decay, ignorance, mendacity and corruption? Comparing virtually anything in the Philippines favorably against the US indicates that you really have your ex pat head way up your a-s...99% of the locals would be in the US if they could...1% of US citizens choose the soft target low rent low class life in the Philippines. Wake up and smell the sewage dude. Why not just turn in your passport to the nearest US embassy and go totally native. You think defending them makes you their friend? They would throw you under the nearest Victory liner in a heartbeat.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Tricare Lies

From a reader: Tricare lies a lot. There are not 6 hospitals and one is a garbage trap of infection. They lied about the travel times and even told me in an email they don't care how far we have to travel. 4 and 5 hour round trips will be common because of the limited providers. They also admitted there was no consideration of the quality or qualifications of the provider other than administrative. The claim they already discussed this with us is another lie, lie and lie. They have never discussed anything with us, never. They live in a dreamworld in DC and one told me they cannot even come here because the Philippine government banned Tricare employees from entering the Philippines, yet another lie. Many of the promises in their presentation turned out to be lies as well. The promised 24/7 support turned out to be M-F 9-6. Lie, Lie, Lie, Lie seems to be the motto of the Tricare Management Activity. Then lie some more.

Why Do We Help at All?

So very true. If the US had no interest in this country, surely another power would quickly be in power and Filipinos would have no freedoms at all-not even to protest. An ungrateful lot at best that should return to school and learn history. Sometimes I wonder why we help this country at all.

Are Those Doctors at Baypointe?

Comment from a reader on: Baypointe Always Has Plenty of Doctors!

I think we should be careful about supposing who's a doctor. A white coat doesn't make you a doctor. Many paramedics wear them.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day from Subic!

Fire Deaths Were Avoidable

When all said and done how many people will have to die before fire regulations will be enforced? It seems obvious even to the layman that these deaths were avoidable and as such makes it all the more tragic.

Been There Done That

Comment from a US Navy CPO: On the Guardian grounding: I think the Filipinos again are trying to extort money from the US. See no one remembers in October 1944, when the USS Darter (SS 227) grounded on same reef chasing three Jap cruisers away, and damaged the reef, her bones are still on the reef, but no one remembers that do they! Tree huggers always try to get the upper hand, but as its said, the reef will grow back, and the Filipinos must remember they have a two bit Navy anyhow with obsolete ships, and they better cool it. Nope, let's not go back to Subic and O City !!! Been there did that....

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Foreign Investors Should Steer Clear of Clark and Subic

From a reader: Let Filipinos rebuild the base themselves or turn it into anything they want.  Foreign investors should stand clear if they don't want to become a victim of this corrupt society.

It Wasn't Extortion

Comment from a reader on: The Philippines Only Wanted Just Compensation for use of Subic and Clark: How very very true... Its so arrogant of Americans to call it extortion, but then what else would you expect from the school yard bully. 

More Fire from the Dryden Fire

Comment from a reader on Get a Life Bugle 

Firstly the story you posted was not about the fire , it was a cheap shot at the name of the business, but it seems cheap shots at people who are down on their knees is standard equipment on this Blog. Your response is insulting to the extreme to the victims of the fire, you say "So how do you want us to handle the death of seven people in the middle of our tourist district? We should just be silent about it?" Thanks for asking, because what have you done to help the situation? what have you done to prevent further fires? to assist the victims and their families, right NOTHING, you rambling on about the name being the same as the old owner, I am sure the family members of the victims appreciate your efforts (this is sarcasm in case you got lost). Seeing you seem you have some role in the accident, lets look at the facts and give you the answer you are searching for; 1) The building was inspected and past building code 2) The "locked gate" was not a fire exit (a year ago it was a on

Comment from the Bugle:   What the Bugle does to help the situation is to bring it out into the open.  Once the issue is out in the open then hopefully our elected officials will start doing thier jobs.  Be it inpecting establishments more than once a year and becoming more proactive vice reactive.  I would like to mention that we the Bugle had no role in the accident. And hopefully you will finish your comments on the facts that you seem to know all about.

What is the Culpability of the Government?

Comment from a reader on the post: Who Cares if the Navy Trashed a Lousy Coral Reef?
The charts where seven miles off position. What is the culpability of the government in allowing incorrect data be printed by a charting firm that distributes worldwide data without checking its accuracy! Give me a break! 

Bugle: It wasn’t a charting firm that produced the inaccurate maps, which were eight nautical miles off in the placement of the reef. It was a US government agency. Note this story from Navy Times, which states:

The Digital Nautical Charts (DNC) used by the Guardian and most Navy ships are produced by the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA), a largely secret organization headquartered in Springfield,Va.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A Truly Enjoyable Blog

Comment from a reader on: Philippine Driving Schools are Just License Mills: I truly enjoy looking through this website. It holds fantastic blog posts. 

The Fine Gentleman Sold His Good Name

Comment from a reader on the post: Can We Stop Calling it Drydens?
It seems you are totally ignorant of owning running or selling a business. The "Fine Gentleman" who used to own Drydens had a big enough ego to name the business after himself. That was his choice. He sold that business and was paid for the good will involved in that name. Change of owner maybe but it’s still the same business and if your friend is really a fine gentleman he wouldn't expect to sell something and expect the value to be removed after the sale! He got PAID for that name. To ignorantly expect the new owner to throw away the good will he paid for because a bunch of drunken old farts don't like the changes or don't like the fact that there buddy isn't there anymore, it’s pathetic. Get a life!

From the Bugle: Now, now… let’s not criticize drunken old farts. That’s our core demographic!

Comment from a reader who hates the Philippines

Comment from a reader on: Who Cares if the Navy Trashed a Lousy Coral Reef?
It doesn't matter who, what, when, or where the reef is, or if it is sprouting gold bars out of its backside. It all boils down to these idiots sucking the dollar out of the Navy, whom they know will fix their mistake, regardless of if it was an accident or whatever circumstance that was the root cause. These idiots could care less about the marine ecosystem. I see fisherman using dynamite on a daily basis, and have made reports. I have had DENR people present, because I also made a report of these monkeys cutting down the mangroves, and you could hear the explosions happening as we were looking over the mangrove. Of course nothing will be done, nor has been done, because there isn't money to be made from stopping it. … (remainder of post deleted as it descended into a racist rant…)

From the Bugle: So it is the fault of the Philippines that a US Navy vessel hit its reef? One of reasons we don’t allow racism on the blog is because bigots tend to be simple minded. They just blame one race or the other – which is easy and lazy – instead of thinking an argument through. Why do you live in the Philippines if you hate the people here? I imagine your argument convinces your buddies at the Klan meeting but it’s pretty boring for the rest of us.

Monday, February 11, 2013

The Philippines Needs its Own Tricare Office

From a reader: The fraud could be reduced by having an actual Tricare Office here in the Philippines. An office was rented on Clark and a civil service position was created for it but for some reason this fell through. Why must the nearest Tricare employee be located in Japan? It fell through because like most promises Tricare makes to the retirees in the Philippines and the service organizations they have no intention of keeping them. The position was played off of the embassy for years and then when they figured most forgot about it they just dropped it. If anyone asks them they ignore the question now.
 This was another Tricare lie. They promised to place an employee here than played around for 5 years. Now they will not even respond which is their normal mode of operation. You cannot believe any promises from these people or what they say to S&S as most of it is a lie.

Famous Last Words

Comment from a reader on: Roadside Bombs in Subic Tourist District Oh, it hadn't exploded since WWII, therefore it is OK, we needn't worry then... Famous last words of a series of salvage shop/junk shop workers.

Reef Grounding was a Conspiracy

Comment from a reader on the post: Who Cares if the Navy Trashed a Lousy Coral Reef?: Accidents happen that's a fact. But the US Navy has sailed these waters since before WW II and if not by heart, then by extremely good and accurate navigational charts. With that in mind, I figure this was no accident at all. It was accidentally on purpose. Done for a reason that we will probably never know. But with China just itching to get in this area and lay claim to as much of the area as possible would most likely be the reason for the grounding. That Navy ship either needed to ground itself there to preform a covert operation or was a "smoke screen" for another operation within the Philippines. To me and knowing how my beloved US military has operated longer than I have been alive is the most likely scenario in my book...

From the Bugle: Trashing a $227 million vessel and angering an important military ally for a covert operation? Doesn’t sound likely but who knows…  

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Bumrungrad Hospital is Unbelievable

Comment from a reader on: Thailand's Top Quality (and Fraud Free) Bumurungrad a Tricare Option We just got back from Thailand. My wife spent 5 days in Bumrungrad. This hospital is unbelievable. No doubt in my mind, I will go to Bumrungrad for any major health event. Daily flights to Bangkok from Clark.

Coral Reef Outrcry is Hypocrisy

Comment from a reader on: Who Cares if the Navy Trashed a Lousy Coral Reef?: Ironically, as was the case with the recent so called toxic dumping in Subic Bay, the locals have been happily blowing up much of their own coral heritage fishing with dynamite for years, but God help us if a foreigner is accused....incredible double standard...not saying that running a minesweeper aground isn't a total embarassing F up, just pointing out the typical endless hypocrisy here...Filipino pride...

From the Bugle: In the US, we have lots of wildlife poaching, companies dumping toxic chemicals into rivers and lakes, illegal dumping at sea… so therefore foreign militaries have the right to trash our national landmarks? Makes sense to me!  

We Need More Dangerous Driving in the Philippines?

Comment from a reader on: Swerve Wildly : So the solution is to break the law by "swerving and driving erratically"? Can you imagine the mayhem caused by all drivers taking this little nugget of advice? As approx 80% of drivers seem to do this anyway, it doesn't seem to be any kind of solution and can only conclude that this advice was given "tongue in cheek".

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Tricare Philippines Patients Can’t Use the Country’s Quality Hospitals

From a reader: How is Tricare different in the Philippines? In other countries, when did you start having to identify the medical procedures you received from a provider then cost them to submit a claim. When did you start having to see a local quack doctor that hasn't been to CME for ten years? When did you start having to use a single hospital in an area that looks like a sewer. If you want to see what they have relegated us to go to Youtube and search for Tricare Philippines. Now tell me this is what you use in the states. There are multiple internationally accredited hospitals but not one of them are we allowed to use under their closed network. Why is that do you suppose?

Dos Amigos Subic is back open

Comment from a reader:  Just want to let the other Bamboo Bugle readers know that, Dos Amigos restaurant is back... The cool small Mexican restaurant across from the Yacht club in base has reopened after being closed for slow season. The bar is back downstairs (where it belongs) and late afternoons tends to have a small lively group of guys hanging out having a few beers. I've always liked their food and the price is right. Let's patronize them so we can still have good places to go eat in the area. I think it's definitely the best Mexican food for the price by far.

Get a Life Bugle

Comment from a reader on the post: Can We Stop Calling it Drydens?  
I thought the rules of this blog was no slander, it seems like running down the new owners operation is exactly that, further more if you had any business sense you would know that Drydens is the name of a company, a business name that was sold by your fine gentleman friend. If he had not have the big ego to name it after the business after himself he would be long forgotten, but that was his choice to name it and to sell it. Get a life. 

From the Bugle:

We allowed that comment because it didn’t mention any names (except the name of the establishment). As for running down people, that's nonsense. First of all, we print both positive and negative comments - including comments that criticize this blog. Secondly, you never heard us mention Dryden's until the tragic incident. So how do you want us to handle the death of seven people in the middle of our tourist district? We should just be silent about it? If you are a reader of this blog you know that criticism and praise of local establishments is encouraged. That includes praise and complaints about a bad meal, a dirty bathroom, etc. Fair criticism related to an incident which took the lives of seven people is definitely warranted. Wouldn’t you agree that we need maximum transparency on this incident? What if there is another fire that kills seven people in a Barrio Barretto establishment? This was an international tragedy and a black eye on the entire community. Talking about it and taking preventative action is warranted.We hope people keep commenting and sharing information - positive, negative and neutral.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Reef Grounding Aside, the United States Has Been Generous to the Philippines

Comment from a reader on the post: Who Cares if the Navy Trashed a Lousy Coral Reef?: I care that the Navy trashed a coral reef in one of the Philipine's most sensitive environmental regions. The US should pay whatever is necessary to restore the area. I also care that Pinoy politicians used the incident to get face time in front of the electorate with vitriolic and adverse criticism of the Navy that suggested the US will get away with miserly fines and insufficient payment for damages. They need to be reminded that the US gave up billions of dollars in hard facilities to the Philippines when the bases were abandoned at Clark and Subic. They need to be instructed that the US gave $91 million in foreign aid to this country in 2009, an amount that steadily increased to $121 million in 2012, a year in which military aid alone doubled to 30 million. Yes, I want my country to be responsible for damages to Tubbataha Reef. And I want this country's politicians to quit acting like ungrateful, petulant children.

Subic Dumping Case A Grand Conspiracy

This is the real "toxic waste" story: The public and our well-meaning public officials should know that not all that are in the news are truthful. Sadly, some members of media have prostituted their pens to vested interests. These media prostitutes will release news reports that pander to their patron’s interest and does not serve the public’s right to know the truth. The cast of characters in this unbelievable demolition campaign intended to destroy the credibility of the Singapore subsidiary, Glenn Defense Marine Asia Philippines, is as follows: 1. (name deleted) who lost the bid to service US Navy ships to Glenn Defense Marine Asia Philippines. On her written urging in 2011, she asked the Department of Environment and Natural Resources to inspect Glenn Defense Marine on claims it was polluting Subic waters. Does this not suggest a bias?

Here’s how this naughty scheme played out: 1. On Oct. 15, around noon, (name deleted) made a hazard call to the Subic Ecology Center (EC), which was referred to EC’s policy monitoring division. 12:30 p.m.: (name deleted) identified in the document as a reporter, offered to fetch the EC staff. He also asked (name deleted) to provide a boat to convey them to the vessel so that they can conduct an investigation. Joining them were EC personnel (a) tabloid reporter. (The tabloid) was the first to break the news about “illegal dumping” on Oct. 17. While in Alava Pier, awaiting the boat that will take them to the Naval Supply Depot (NSD), (name deleted) briefed the team on the scenario: MT Glenn Guardian was supposedly dumping illegal waste from USS Emory Land and disposing waste water at sea.

Furthermore, this has nothing to do with Philippine Law. Discharge of waste at sea is set in stone by the International Maritime Organization / Marine Environment Protection Committee. Even your own Coast Guard has to follow these rules. Millions of liters? Are you really that thick headed to even believe this is reasonable? US Navy ships have sewage treatment systems, and holding tanks, which are designed to hold sewage when they are transiting in or out of port, or in specific areas (Subic Bay is not one of them) where they cannot discharge at sea...when this isn't happening, it's being pumped overboard. The treated sewage can be discharged 3 miles from land, while untreated sewage is limited to 12 miles. Lets see here..."millions of liters"...well, 1 million liter is approximately 266,000 gallons. "Millions of litres"...lmfao, you people are dumber than a box of rocks to even begin to believe that a US Navy ship would be hauling around that much waste...

From the Bugle: It sounds like you have a vested interest in this case and it sounds like your argument is pretty weak.

If the losing bidder filed the complaint of illegal dumping, that person did the right thing. They reported their suspicions to the authorities, who investigated the matter. The media was allowed to monitor the whole thing, according to your report. It sounds like the system worked properly, at least the way you describe it.

Regarding dumping at sea, the Philippine investigation said the violation was due to the fact that it was dumped in the Philippine Exclusive Economic Zone, which is not allowed. We don’t know who is correct on that assertion.

As for the millions of liters, the results of the investigation said that this was not a single incident. That this waste was dumped repeatedly in the exclusive economic zone – 266,000 gallon’s doesn’t sound like much when you look at the volume of US Navy traffic coming into Subic these days.

In case you hadn’t noticed, the US Navy is pretty active in the Philippines. They aren’t sneaking in here. They are here at the invitation of the Philippines. Both the Philippines and the United States Navy have zero incentive to falsely accuse this company. We are not taking sides. We don't know any of the parties involved but it makes you wonder: Why isn’t the United States defending its contractor and fighting these allegations?    

Beach Bash Parade Kicks Off at 9 a.m.

The annual Barrio Beach Bash Parade, Saturday Feb. 9, will be extended in this, it’s 21st year.                       

            American Veterans of Foreign Wars Beach Bash chairman, Jerry Rowe,

explained that “now that we are moving the 3 day (Fri, Sat, Sun) event to Driftwood

Beach we want more of our neighbors to be able to view the spectacle, and participate in

the ‘Bash’.”

            The annual event aims to strengthen the ties between the local ex-pat and

resident communities.  It is the major fund raising event the VFW uses to generate funds

to support its charities (i.e.  scholarships for many  of the Barrio’s less fortunate

youngsters, medical and dental outreach programs,  aid to widows and families

of departed US servicemen and women, etc).

            The parade will form up along Abra Street (behind Savers’) and begin at the

corner of Abra and Rizal.  The 9 a.m. event will proceed south along Rizal to Jolo,

turning west to Del Pilar (formerly Marmont Street).  It will pass the reviewing stand (in

front of Sit n Bull restaurant to the National Highway, where it will swing east to

Driftwood Beach.

            Local dignitaries, including Olongapo Mayor James “Bong” Gordon and Little

Miss Beach Bash, members of various local schools, bands, floats, marching units and

others will be marching/riding in the parade, explained VFW Commander Dennis Doty.

            Other events during the Beach Bash will include talent contests, band

competitions, the highly anticipated Miss Beach Bash pageant, vendors and informational


The Americans Simply Did Not Need Clark and Subic

Comment from a reader on the post: The Philippines Only Wanted Just Compensation for use of Subic and Clark: Thinking back I believe that the withdrawal was more about dealing with the anti-american movement in this country, along with the Mt. Pinatubo disaster. The US felt that it was just not worth it to rebuild and move forward. We finished up the Iraq war in 1991 and didn't engage in any more major battles for 10 years (Afghanistan). We simply didn't need the bases any longer. Regarding your figures.. do not confuse base lease fees with foreign aid. The Philippines did and still does receive very significant foreign aid from the USA (much which goes into private pockets by corrupt politicians). The aid comes in many forms, including loan guarantees, development of agriculture, and even things like the Peace Corps. You must open your eyes a little, that's all. The Philippines also has the full force of the US Military to defend it from any aggressor, thereby, relieving it from having to have an effective military force and the attendant expense of that. 

Subic Fire Could Have Happened to Any Establishment

Comment from a reader on the post: Guilty conscience? : No, he just trying to do what is right. This could of happen to any establishment in Olongapo, Angeles City or elsewhere in the Philippines. Give credit where credit is do! 

A lot of Americans have died protecting the Philippines

Comment from a reader on the post: The Philippines Only Wanted Just Compensation for use of Subic and Clark: Maybe because we lost so many lives in protecting the Philippines? The Filipinos would be speaking Japanese and not Taglog. 

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Subic and Clark Fell Victim to Greed

From a reader: Subic Bay has been and is dilapidated beyond belief. The P.I. is too corrupt. The kicked out the Japanese who were running local power plants too, then begged them to come back after they fell into complete disarray.  What a joke.
20 years after we left and 5 Presidents later this not real news.  Lots of infighting with friends of whoever is in charge.  Who has what piece of the pie.  I must say that we did leave one on the best communities ever build at Clark and Subic. Sad to see the Regional Hospital and so many houses stripped down to the plaster.  Everything of value was taken. The potential for greatness has always been there, just needed someone who would see it through.  The Philippines is no different from anywhere else that is controlled by greed and self interest.  Look what it has done to the USA.  I wish the best for Clark and Subic.

No Need to Run Down the New Owners of Drydens

Comment from the reader on the post: Can We Stop Calling it Drydens? : Yes I agree, But still no need to run the new owners down. The reader should know better. If it wasn't for this type of business a lot of Baretto people would not even live here. 

From the Bugle: Well, there is the matter of the seven people who died in the establishment. That's not reason to run down the new owner but it is reason to ask a few hard questions. 

Baypointe Always Has Plenty of Doctors!

Comment from a reader on the post: If You Need Medical Care, Get Away from Subic : I have used Baypointe many times and know many people that have also, there has always been doctors there to answer every call. Your attempt at humor is off the mark! 

From the Bugle: It's not humor. It is our experience with the establishment. There are indeed always doctors on hand and they are good doctors. If you need stitches or a checkup, there is always a competent person around. But when we have tried to set an appointment with a specialist, such as a rheumatologist, a cardiologist and various other specialists the doctors often don't show up. The specialists come from elsewhere - Manila, Olongapo, Pampanga, etc. - and if they don't have enough patients to justify a trip they don't show up. This might not be the fault of Baypointe but it is the reality of trying to see a specialist.  

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Clark Airport Immigration is a National Embarrassment

Comment from a reader on the post: More Clark Immigration Hassles
I want to reprimand Immigration Officer (name deleted) of DMIA. He is rude and arrogant. He speaks bad words and shout at us. He is not the right person in this kind of job. He needs to work in the jail. "Dispatser" can be a good job for him!

From the Bugle: Immigration at Clark is an embarrassment to the Philippines. It is one of the key obstacles to tourism in Central Luzon. The snarling, poorly trained and corrupt immigration officers consider shaking down travelers as a part of their job. Interestingly, Manila immigration officers have become more professional over the years. I guess they dump incompetent immigration officers in Clark.

Stay in the First Floor so You Can Leap to Safety

Comment from a reader on the post: How Many Bars in Barretto Have Fire Exits? During the Marcos era in the early eighties many visitors to Manila were aware of the fact that there had been a few hotel fires in the Philippine capital. In fact there was a suggestion it might have been the work of the NPA. Anyway, as a result many visitors to Ermita from Hong Kong would always stay on the first floor so that they could leap from there in relative safety in the event of a blaze. But I don't know if that would have worked in the Dryden tragedy.