Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Comment from a reader who hates the Philippines

Comment from a reader on: Who Cares if the Navy Trashed a Lousy Coral Reef?
It doesn't matter who, what, when, or where the reef is, or if it is sprouting gold bars out of its backside. It all boils down to these idiots sucking the dollar out of the Navy, whom they know will fix their mistake, regardless of if it was an accident or whatever circumstance that was the root cause. These idiots could care less about the marine ecosystem. I see fisherman using dynamite on a daily basis, and have made reports. I have had DENR people present, because I also made a report of these monkeys cutting down the mangroves, and you could hear the explosions happening as we were looking over the mangrove. Of course nothing will be done, nor has been done, because there isn't money to be made from stopping it. … (remainder of post deleted as it descended into a racist rant…)

From the Bugle: So it is the fault of the Philippines that a US Navy vessel hit its reef? One of reasons we don’t allow racism on the blog is because bigots tend to be simple minded. They just blame one race or the other – which is easy and lazy – instead of thinking an argument through. Why do you live in the Philippines if you hate the people here? I imagine your argument convinces your buddies at the Klan meeting but it’s pretty boring for the rest of us.

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