Wednesday, February 13, 2013

More Fire from the Dryden Fire

Comment from a reader on Get a Life Bugle 

Firstly the story you posted was not about the fire , it was a cheap shot at the name of the business, but it seems cheap shots at people who are down on their knees is standard equipment on this Blog. Your response is insulting to the extreme to the victims of the fire, you say "So how do you want us to handle the death of seven people in the middle of our tourist district? We should just be silent about it?" Thanks for asking, because what have you done to help the situation? what have you done to prevent further fires? to assist the victims and their families, right NOTHING, you rambling on about the name being the same as the old owner, I am sure the family members of the victims appreciate your efforts (this is sarcasm in case you got lost). Seeing you seem you have some role in the accident, lets look at the facts and give you the answer you are searching for; 1) The building was inspected and past building code 2) The "locked gate" was not a fire exit (a year ago it was a on

Comment from the Bugle:   What the Bugle does to help the situation is to bring it out into the open.  Once the issue is out in the open then hopefully our elected officials will start doing thier jobs.  Be it inpecting establishments more than once a year and becoming more proactive vice reactive.  I would like to mention that we the Bugle had no role in the accident. And hopefully you will finish your comments on the facts that you seem to know all about.

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