Friday, February 1, 2013

Can We Stop Calling it Drydens?

Comment from a reader: Those who have lived for a while in Subic know that a great member of our community ran a restaurant called Drydens. It served great food at low prices. Lonely Planet called their breakfast the best in the Philippines – for good reason. Drydens was a community meeting place run by a fine gentleman of the same name. His place was bought out by a nightclub operator who put in a bad restaurant, a cheap hotel (that burned down) and a bunch of girlie bars. We shouldn’t put Drydens good name on this current operation.

From the Bugle: What do you propose we call it then?


  1. Yes I agree,
    But still no need to run the new owners down. The reader should know better.
    If it wasn't for this type of business a lot of Baretto people would not even live here.


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