Monday, February 11, 2013

Reef Grounding was a Conspiracy

Comment from a reader on the post: Who Cares if the Navy Trashed a Lousy Coral Reef?: Accidents happen that's a fact. But the US Navy has sailed these waters since before WW II and if not by heart, then by extremely good and accurate navigational charts. With that in mind, I figure this was no accident at all. It was accidentally on purpose. Done for a reason that we will probably never know. But with China just itching to get in this area and lay claim to as much of the area as possible would most likely be the reason for the grounding. That Navy ship either needed to ground itself there to preform a covert operation or was a "smoke screen" for another operation within the Philippines. To me and knowing how my beloved US military has operated longer than I have been alive is the most likely scenario in my book...

From the Bugle: Trashing a $227 million vessel and angering an important military ally for a covert operation? Doesn’t sound likely but who knows…  

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