Monday, February 25, 2013

Tricare Needs Boots on the Ground in the Philippines

From a reader: DoD’s Philippine Tricare, I am told, has ZERO employees actually in the Philippines. Not one single Tricare mgt rep. Unlike Germany and Japan, this former US Territory has no US military bases, no US base hospitals, yet it has the second largest out-CONUS population of US Milrets on earth; most are Filipinos who served careers in the US Armed Forces. Neither the Manila US VA clinic, nor the US Embassy (which locally contracts its own employee healthcare) are available to Milrets. --- IT IS SHEER IDIOCY to believe you can manage a US DoD healthcare system in the Third World from oceans away via occasional visits and Emails. And it doesn’t take a wizard to figure out that if Tricare isn’t listening to Milrets in the Philippines, that’s probably because Tricare isn’t in the Philippines. --- Unless DoD’s goal is to design an unusable system that reduces claims on the hope that Military Retirees evaporate, “step one” is for DoD to demand its Tricare management put boots on the ground in the Philippines and keeps them there.

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