Thursday, February 21, 2013

Will I Be Covered When I Retire to the Philippines?

From a reader: I'm retiring in the Philippines next year and I am partially disabled.  Here, in US, I go to the Va for treatment and pay $8 per month for each prescription.  I haven't been paying anything for a supplement, but next year I will have to pay $28 per month for the same thing I have in 2012.  Obama care is already kicking in.  Tell me, under the current situation in the Phil, if I pay up front, when I visit a doc, will the usgov reimburise me?  Eventually?  I know that in the phil, they want their money up front.  My brother-in-law was stabbed in the liver and would have died on a gurney at the hosp entrance if my wife and her sister hadn't sent $600 for the emergency surgery to save his life.  Then we had to send some expensive liver pills that were not available in Cebu.  Now he is fine and continuing his education  Even if I don't get reimburised for my doc visits, won't the usgov pay for my hospital stays?  Two years ago, my wife & kids policy UHC told me that they would reimburise 80% after a small deductable was met.  We would have to pay all the bills up front. Is this whole argument about paying up front? Or is the USGOV refusing to pay at all?  Or what?

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