Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Bamboo Bugle Technical Issues

Comment from a reader on the post: The Girls Who Died in the Fire Didn't Register so They Remained Nameless Hi, Interesting comment on the fire. All the pictures though had one of those broken picture icons in the upper right. Would have liked to have seen what the writer was describing. (Tried w IE, Firefox & Chrome) Tip. Windows doesn't care about capitalization on file names, but websites do, perhaps the problem?

Also, your website is in English, but if you post a comment from the Philippines, you get the message, "Ang iyong komento ay makikita matapos ang pag-apruba" I would bet most of your readers/posters don't know that means, Your comment will be visible after approval.

From the Bugle: Thanks. We are able to see the photos on some browsers but not on others. We’ll work on it. On the language issue, this is a common complaint but it’s an issue with Google/Blogger, the company that hosts the blog. Google customizes its web pages in the language of the country. So if you read the Bugle in Russia you’ll see that same comment in Russian. If you sign into Google, set your preferences as English, you will then see that comment in English.

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