Friday, February 8, 2013

Subic Dumping Case A Grand Conspiracy

This is the real "toxic waste" story: The public and our well-meaning public officials should know that not all that are in the news are truthful. Sadly, some members of media have prostituted their pens to vested interests. These media prostitutes will release news reports that pander to their patron’s interest and does not serve the public’s right to know the truth. The cast of characters in this unbelievable demolition campaign intended to destroy the credibility of the Singapore subsidiary, Glenn Defense Marine Asia Philippines, is as follows: 1. (name deleted) who lost the bid to service US Navy ships to Glenn Defense Marine Asia Philippines. On her written urging in 2011, she asked the Department of Environment and Natural Resources to inspect Glenn Defense Marine on claims it was polluting Subic waters. Does this not suggest a bias?

Here’s how this naughty scheme played out: 1. On Oct. 15, around noon, (name deleted) made a hazard call to the Subic Ecology Center (EC), which was referred to EC’s policy monitoring division. 12:30 p.m.: (name deleted) identified in the document as a reporter, offered to fetch the EC staff. He also asked (name deleted) to provide a boat to convey them to the vessel so that they can conduct an investigation. Joining them were EC personnel (a) tabloid reporter. (The tabloid) was the first to break the news about “illegal dumping” on Oct. 17. While in Alava Pier, awaiting the boat that will take them to the Naval Supply Depot (NSD), (name deleted) briefed the team on the scenario: MT Glenn Guardian was supposedly dumping illegal waste from USS Emory Land and disposing waste water at sea.

Furthermore, this has nothing to do with Philippine Law. Discharge of waste at sea is set in stone by the International Maritime Organization / Marine Environment Protection Committee. Even your own Coast Guard has to follow these rules. Millions of liters? Are you really that thick headed to even believe this is reasonable? US Navy ships have sewage treatment systems, and holding tanks, which are designed to hold sewage when they are transiting in or out of port, or in specific areas (Subic Bay is not one of them) where they cannot discharge at sea...when this isn't happening, it's being pumped overboard. The treated sewage can be discharged 3 miles from land, while untreated sewage is limited to 12 miles. Lets see here..."millions of liters"...well, 1 million liter is approximately 266,000 gallons. "Millions of litres"...lmfao, you people are dumber than a box of rocks to even begin to believe that a US Navy ship would be hauling around that much waste...

From the Bugle: It sounds like you have a vested interest in this case and it sounds like your argument is pretty weak.

If the losing bidder filed the complaint of illegal dumping, that person did the right thing. They reported their suspicions to the authorities, who investigated the matter. The media was allowed to monitor the whole thing, according to your report. It sounds like the system worked properly, at least the way you describe it.

Regarding dumping at sea, the Philippine investigation said the violation was due to the fact that it was dumped in the Philippine Exclusive Economic Zone, which is not allowed. We don’t know who is correct on that assertion.

As for the millions of liters, the results of the investigation said that this was not a single incident. That this waste was dumped repeatedly in the exclusive economic zone – 266,000 gallon’s doesn’t sound like much when you look at the volume of US Navy traffic coming into Subic these days.

In case you hadn’t noticed, the US Navy is pretty active in the Philippines. They aren’t sneaking in here. They are here at the invitation of the Philippines. Both the Philippines and the United States Navy have zero incentive to falsely accuse this company. We are not taking sides. We don't know any of the parties involved but it makes you wonder: Why isn’t the United States defending its contractor and fighting these allegations?    

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