Saturday, February 16, 2013

Foreigners in the Philippines are Low Rent and Low Class

Comment from a reader on the post: Coral Reef Outrcry is Hypocrisy:

You are completely missing the point in your US self hating ex pat screed...the undisputed fact is that the locals have blown up almost all of their own coral reefs, not to mention the rest of their cultural heritage and what was once a semblance of infrastructure and law and order. What is it about it that you do not understand, especially if you have lived in Philippines for years and seen the decay, ignorance, mendacity and corruption? Comparing virtually anything in the Philippines favorably against the US indicates that you really have your ex pat head way up your a-s...99% of the locals would be in the US if they could...1% of US citizens choose the soft target low rent low class life in the Philippines. Wake up and smell the sewage dude. Why not just turn in your passport to the nearest US embassy and go totally native. You think defending them makes you their friend? They would throw you under the nearest Victory liner in a heartbeat.

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