Saturday, February 9, 2013

Get a Life Bugle

Comment from a reader on the post: Can We Stop Calling it Drydens?  
I thought the rules of this blog was no slander, it seems like running down the new owners operation is exactly that, further more if you had any business sense you would know that Drydens is the name of a company, a business name that was sold by your fine gentleman friend. If he had not have the big ego to name it after the business after himself he would be long forgotten, but that was his choice to name it and to sell it. Get a life. 

From the Bugle:

We allowed that comment because it didn’t mention any names (except the name of the establishment). As for running down people, that's nonsense. First of all, we print both positive and negative comments - including comments that criticize this blog. Secondly, you never heard us mention Dryden's until the tragic incident. So how do you want us to handle the death of seven people in the middle of our tourist district? We should just be silent about it? If you are a reader of this blog you know that criticism and praise of local establishments is encouraged. That includes praise and complaints about a bad meal, a dirty bathroom, etc. Fair criticism related to an incident which took the lives of seven people is definitely warranted. Wouldn’t you agree that we need maximum transparency on this incident? What if there is another fire that kills seven people in a Barrio Barretto establishment? This was an international tragedy and a black eye on the entire community. Talking about it and taking preventative action is warranted.We hope people keep commenting and sharing information - positive, negative and neutral.

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