MANILA - Three US experts on Monday testified in the trial of US Lance Corporal Joseph Scott Pemberton, who is accused of killing Filipino transgender Jennifer Laude.
Jessica LeCroy, latent print examiner of the US Army Criminal Investigation Laboratory (USACIL), told the Olongapo City trial court that a "suitable latent fingerprint " of Pemberton was found in the condom wrapper recovered in the bathroom where Laude was found dead.
Derek Dorrien, a forensic lubricant expert also of the USACIL, testified that the lubricant found in the condom wrapper is the same lubricant found in the penis and body of Pemberton.
He said the same lubricant was also found in Laude's anus.
Dr. George Jackson, a toxicologist of the US Armed Forces Medical Examiner System (AFMES), meanwhile said Laude's blood tested negative for either toxins or illegal drugs.
His testimony debunked earlier allegations that Laude was a drug-user.
All of the three are internationally recognized experts and it's their first time to testify in a trial in the Philippines. - with reports from ANC, The Philippine Star