Sunday, June 28, 2015

I would love to see Uncle Sam back in the Philippines.

Comment on the return of US bases to the Philippines and the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement
I was stationed at Clark. The best base of my career. Never a dull moment. In all honesty, then, as now, it seems many Filipinos would not mind being the 51st State of The United States Of America. I know that comment will get feedback. However, the Filipinos that I met with and worked with on active duty and I meet as a retiree like and "Respect" the United States. What most Americans didn't realize back in "The U.S. Bases" protest days. First, Clark and Subic were Filipino bases with US Forces. Second, some people in Manila had their "Own Agenda" and would pay two sacks of rice and 100 pesos to a "Protester" to catch the bus to Angeles City to protest Clark. In the 1980s, 2 sacks of rice and 100 pesos would feed a family two weeks to a month at least. Thanks to the long presence of US Troops from World War II until Mount Pinatubo, there are numerous Filipino family members in the United States and Filipino-Americans should be one of the largest minorities in the US. The international news media has more of a problem with the Philippines having been "an American colony" than most Filipinos. Americans usually known more about The Spanish-American War, than, Filipinos know about "The Filipino-American War" -- same War, different name. Older Filipinos remember World War II and the Americans and the Allies who suffered alongside them in the POW camps. President Aquino had a woman friend in South Korea and The Media loved to ignite sparks, which "Paid" off in the aftermath of Super Typhoon Yolanda because the Republic of South Korea military forces responded quickly to help out wherever they could. The United States also responded, but America's "Politically Correct" politicians were afraid to have too many "boots on the ground" for too long because, even if the response was "Humanitarian" they might be "Criticized" at home or abroad. If the United States is looking for a location in the Pacific to be able to relate to and do business in Asia, then, the Philippines is the logical choice because Filipinos not only speak English they usually understand the meaning. Many places in Asia do "The English as a Second Language Classes", but they never really grasp an understanding or pick up on the cliches. Many Filipinos have been to "The States" and understand the culture, the ideology and "Democracy." One advantage that Filipinos have over many Americans born in the United States -- Filipinos don't take America for granted. Many Filipinos have had difficult, hard, impoverished lives in the different provinces on the islands, so if they "Go To The States" -- they always make the best of their time in "The States" and they almost always find a financial way to help out their families back on the Philippine Islands. Americans complain their "Dollars" get "Wasted", well, when those US Dollars sail for the Philippines those dollars "Work Hard" and help the Philippines' economy. One of the dumbest mistakes of United States Foreign Policy happened after The Treaty Of Paris in 1898 when Americans didn't take the opportunity to "Work" through the "Colony" issue and admit the Philippines as American States or, at least, a United States trust territory. I have, no doubt, many Filipinos would love to see the US return. I have, no doubt, many Americans would love to see the US. As an American retiree living in the Philippines, you bet your collar brass I would love to see Uncle Sam back in the Philippines.

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