Sunday, June 14, 2015

The US military helps the Philippine economy

Comment from a reader on the return of US bases to the Philippines and the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement
The removal of troops in the Philippines, though popular when it was announced, drastically hurt the Filipino economy A friend of mine who married a retiree told me that economic growth happened in spurts and were vulnerable to things like natural disasters because it would sap the money out of the government's hand.

Though the Filipino economy is gradually getting stronger, the infusion on troops, contractors and others will bring the much needed money that could improve the economy by leaps and bounds.

The sticking point for all those involved is the legal status of troops and others working on base. There have been several high profile incidents that had the potential to derail any bilateral agreement.

I would suggest that both the US and the Philippines create a committee to review laws on both sides and how to best solve problems as they do arrive.

But in all, it will be a tremendous boost for the local economy.

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