Monday, September 30, 2013

Flood Mitigation Works

Most storms by virtue of the spin of the earth in the Northern Hemisphere travel East West , WNW, NNW, North. What you dont want is one that crosses the Visayas and then starts to travel North , or crosses then stops and regenerates in the West Philippine Sea. then travels North. Ive been at sea for 30 years and have seeen Typhoons go anywhere they want. That's why they were named after women Unpredictable before we became politically correct. Ive seen them travel from West to East and out to sea right accross northern Australia then turn 180 degrees near Vanuatu then slam back into the East Coast .and travel right back to where in started. My point is Flood Mitigation works, Preventive Maintenance Works why do they allow a 80ft high tree 5ft from a house go to the base you will see any number of giant trees just waiting to blow over. Its not rocket science.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Where was the Philippine Military and Red Cross?

Floods, monsoons and typhoons happen here every year and they will again next year and also the next. You would think a tropical country like the Philippines would have some expertise in better handling of this weather, but instead they make it even worse. Everybody knows that when you make the streets and sewers your personal garbage pits everyday, that it will back up drainage during the rainy season. Everybody also knows that the river here needs to be dredged and improved. But mostly nothing is ever done. There are plenty of taxes and money to fix these issues. But, the drains into corrupt pockets are the only drains that seem to work very efficiently here. Oh, I almost forgot the usual begging by the Philippines for the United States military to provide help and assistance. Where is the Philippine military and the Philippine Red Cross when it's needed. They aren't visible anywhere that I've seen. Next week there will of course be the usual demonstrations and talk in the media.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Where Was the US Military?

Where was the US military during the recent flooding? The night the storm set in, hundreds of US sailors were watching movies at Harbor Point but when the power of the US military was needed the next day they were nowhere to be found. Both the Philippines and the United States keep repeating that one of the main reasons the US military is back in the Philippines is to provide disaster relief assistance. We all know that's nonsense. The US military wants back in the Philippines in order to counter China's influence in the region and the Philippines wants the US back in the country for the same reason. The disaster relief stuff is just a cover story and the hundreds of US sailors watching movies while Olongapo flooded was proof of that.

US, PH joint military exercises focused on humanitarian aid, disaster response
By Fat Reyes
Tuesday, September 25th, 2012

MANILA, Philippines—Members of the United States Pacific Command and the Philippine military will conduct joint exercises to strengthen humanitarian assistance and disaster response missions as part of the annual PH-US Amphibious Landing Exercise, the US embassy in Manila announced Tuesday.

Philblex 13, the 29th of the continuing series of joint exercises designed to promote regional peace and security by ensuring interoperability and readiness of Philippine and US military forces, would be held from October 8 – 18, the embassy said.

It noted that majority of the activities this year would be held in Zambales. It added that staff planning exercises focusing on humanitarian assistance and disaster response and two humanitarian and civic assistance projects would also occur in Palawan.

“Training will consist of a staff planning exercise, a static aircraft display, multiple field training exercises (FTX), and humanitarian and civic assistance (HCA) projects to include medical, dental, and engineering projects,” it said.

It also quoted US Ambassador to the Philippines Harry Thomas Jr as saying that the exercises strengthen and deepen the relationships not only between the two countries’ militaries but communities as well.

“This year’s exercise provides an opportunity for our military service members and their Philippine counterparts to train side-by-side on many capabilities, particularly humanitarian assistance and disaster response, which are critical in the Ring of Fire,” Thomas was quoted as saying.

It said that about 2,600 US personnel and over 1,200 members of the Armed Forces of the Philippines from all services were expected to participate in the exercise.

From the USAID Website:
Disaster Response

The Philippines is highly prone to natural disasters and joint efforts by USAID and U.S. military forces have been a hallmark of the U.S. responses to major disasters for more than two decades. From the 1991 eruption of Mount Pinatubo to the 2006 devastation of Super Typhoon Durian in the Bicol Region and mudslides in Leyte Province, USAID has worked with the U.S. Military
  • to purchase and deliver relief supplies
  • conduct rescue operations, and
  • transport the injured to medical facilities.
Most recently, in response to the extensive flooding and casualties caused by Typhoon Fengshen in June 2008, USAID, the Philippine government, the USS Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier, and the Philippine National Red Cross combined forces in a highly-successful effort to supply and transport relief goods to many hard-hit isolated areas of Panay Island using US Navy aircraft.

When disasters are not imminent, USAID and JUSMAG meet in numerous joint disaster planning forums, often with Philippine government participation, to learn from past experiences and improve future responses.

Halloween sex

Sex with the dead? Arroyos want it criminalized

By Louis Bacani (
Updated July 25, 2013 - 10:38am

MANILA, Philippines – Lawmakers in the House of Representatives have re-filed a measure penalizing necrophiles or those who morbidly derive sexual gratification by having intercourse with a corpse.

House Bill 1375 authored by Pampanga Rep. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and Camarines Rep. Diosdado Macapagal Arroyo seeks to criminalize necrophilia and include it in the Revised Penal Code.

The measure defines necrophilia as sexual intercourse, anal and/or oral sex with a corpse.

In filing the bill, Arroyo said "sexual violation of or sexual intercourse with a female corpse is presently beyond the pale of our criminal justice system."

"Article 309 of the New Civil Code on desecration of the dead merely gives rise to liability for damages," Arroyo said.

Arroyo said necrophilia should be penalized to the fullest extent of the law.

"Article 335 of the Revised Penal Code as amended by RA7659, forcible or violent violation of a woman's chastity under any circumstance is a most detestable crime, a heinous crime and penalized, in qualified cases, with the penalty of death," Arroyo said.

"The incorporation of a new Article imposing stiffer penalties on those who engage in such a grisly and heinous act shall put a stop to such vicious bestiality, notoriously offensive and revolting to the feelings of the living," Arroyo stressed.

Persons found guilty of necrophilia shall suffer the penalty of prision mayor to reclusion temporal and a fine of P100,000 to P500,000 at the discretion of the court.

If necrophilia is committed by two or more persons, or by any person in whose care or custody the corpse is found, the penalty shall be reclusion temporal.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

A cockpit for Olongapo?

Olongapo City needs to get back in the cock fighting business. Sabong is known as the national sport of the Philippines. It is a legal, popular form of gambling that could bring much needed revenue to the city. One of the last cockpits was at the corner of Otero and the National Hwy in lower Kalaklan. In the 1970’s then Mayor Amelia Gordon closed the pit for noise violations and proximity to a school. Later Mayor Dick Gordon closed the relocated site for sanitary violations and pumping waste in the river. This was in vicinity of what is now Olongapo Memorial Park.  At that point this money making machine was moved and lost to Castillejos. Since that time Sundays have seen that Zambales arena crowded with aficionados and tourists alike. Olongapo has a new mayor with a new last name who can give the city a fresh start. Bring back Sabong!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Flooding and Landslides Are Invevitable

Comment from a reader on Is this a surpise? Until there is a HUGE tremor in The Force, storm systems in the Western Pacific flow from East to West; that makes it virtually impossible to get a "direct hit" at Subic. Any storm which passes directly over Subic will have been attenuated by virtue of passing East to West over Luzon. The actual worst case is a LARGE storm (geographically) which moves slowly and passes to the north of Luzon, missing the land masses which attenuate its power; the CCW flow not only results in high winds from the West but also significant storm surge as the ocean gets forced into Subic Bay; slow movement increases the amount of rainfall, and during the monsoon season the ground is already saturated. Guess what ?? Flooding and landslides. All the things you mentioned compound the problem but are actually contributing factors. I am not a meteorologist and have not stayed at a Holiday Inn Express...but there is one near my home. I am neither a doctor nor a magician. 

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Is this a surpise?

Is this a surprise, choke the rivers with garbage chop down the trees for charcoal never clean the gutters drains if you even have them and you get landslides and floods. Remember there hasn't been a Typhoon in Subic for a very very long time!!!!!!!! All these floods for years have come from storms hundreds of miles away. It scares the bejesus out of me to think what will happen when we get a direct hit and we will its only a matter of time. I approached the SBMA about the size of the trees near the houses and was informed that we survived a Typhoon two years ago and only lost power for 4 days. They seemed to be shocked did not beleive me when I pointed out to them that the particular storm crossed Baguio and La Union NO WHERE near the base. They flat out dont understand what a direct hit will do We are way overdue!!!!!!!!!!!! Unless we get our act together this will be NOTHING send a lot of body bags and dont think it wont affect you if you live high up on the base.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Cut Aid to the Philippines

WHY WOULD ANY ONE INVEST HERE.??????????? Only an idiot would. The PORK BARRELL SCAM says it all, they would steal from the poorest of the poor. The Philippines should not get any aid either until some politicians wind up in jail not just a scapegoat like Napoles. We should all write to our congressmen and stop all aid here until its all sorted out with the Filipino Justice System that should take twenty years or more. It may just may shake up the Justice and legal System here if all except Humanitarian aid is cut off. The Philippines is not a deficit Nation we borrow and give it to IDIOTS.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Crappy Driving

Comment from a reader on 100 Minutes: SCTEX Detour WoesI drive back and forth a couple of times a week, and agree that the detour adds about 30 minutes. It's still a far cry from the old days when the trip took 2 and a half hours of crappy driving.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Bribing Teachers for Grades

Comment from a reader on The Broken Education System of the Philippines You combine all of what you have said with the fact that in many school you have to bribe the teacher or principal in order to get a decent grade or recognition, you see a failed country.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

SCTEX corruption

Comment from a reader on SCTEX Bridge CollapsesMaybe someone's local cousins stole the cement when they were building the SCTEX. Sticky fingers. Just another pork barrel opportunity. Typical.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Who Are You Kidding?

Comment from a reader on They are treacherous and ungrateful children throwing tantrums!oh yes Bugler, Clark, Manila and the rest of the Philippines are models of booming economy and healthy infrastructure for the rest of the world. And first world countries are envious of it, according to you. WHO ARE YOU KIDDING? The Philippines is an international joke. Even Filipinos are ashamed of the state of affairs in their homeland.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Personal Experience Shows Manila is Worse than the Gates of Hell

Comment from a reader on the post: The Da Vinci Code Guy Doesn't like Manila: I have to agree with his assessment, though you're right to suggest that descriptions of the city taken from fictional novels aren't great source material. If you want to portray traffic, crime, sex, poverty, sewage and shanties, then direct observation is much more reliable. I have been stuck for hours on EDSA, robbed on the street in Pasay, been propositioned in Ermita and witnessed poverty, raw sewage and shanties in Tondo and other parts of the city. Personal experience beyond the product of some author's imagination should better meet your standards for a proper critique.

Monday, September 16, 2013

The Philippines Cannot Defend Itself

Comment from a reader on The United States will cut and cut cleanly Not certain what your real point is. The Philippine Armed Forces are unable to defend the country from ANY external (or internal) threat. Decide if you prefer Chinese food and chopsticks or Kimchee. Learn a new language....other than English (even if it's with an Aussie accent)...tell me which other country with a credible military is willing to step in to keep the Phillipines...Filipino....regardless of some strings attached....or else STFU....

Delete me from your blog!

For the person who keeps writing in and saying "delete me from your blog" - there is no way we can "delete" you, just stop visiting the blog site if you don't like it. And by the way, you are writing to us as "anonymous". We have no idea who you are and we have nothing to delete you from but glad to know that you have the energy to write to us everyday on this topic.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Bugle Should Be Impartial

Comment from a reader on Is it reasonable extortion? I would suggest that if the bugle wants to print it's editorial,it should do so impartially.the expressed view, "the fact that extortion is linked to health checkups"is admirable,is subjective and conclusive and not pure editorial comment 

From the Bugle: FYI this is a blog full of subject opinions, no one claims otherwise. 

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Foreigners Run Successful Businesses in Subic

Comment from a reader on Becoming Nightclub Dancers is the Only Chance of Solving UnemploymentA more recent example of your thesis, is when Mayor Kate Gordon ran all the Go-Go bars out of Olongapo and Barretto. They eventually opened in Subic which experienced a financial boon for the many years she was in office while. On a smaller scale there are the buildings that VFW 11447 and Midnight Ramblers occupied, leases refused to be renewed because the local landlords had the bright ideas that they could pull-off the same success the foreigners were having; both quickly fell flat on their faces! (Now foreigners run successful businesses in both locations again.)

Friday, September 13, 2013

Philippine Tourist Figures are Bogus

Just had a look at the visa extention amongst the most expensive in asia(express lane fee.what's that all about at 1500 pesos?).......should really improve the tourist figures!But hang on,the tourist figures have risen and been lauded by the powers that be.these "tourist"are in fact returning OFW's who until recently weren"t counted as tourist.(don't you just love statistics?)

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Embarrassed by RAO

Comment from a reader on Barretto parkingThe Baranguy are serial offenders. Have you noted the NO PARKING in front of the baranguay shed near Sweathearts. that one takes up at least 3 car spaces.Have you ever seen a Baranguay vechile . Rarely are the baranguy even in that shed RARELY. They never take their signs in EVER even when unoccupied. They have been klnown to chase down the owners of vechiles who ignore their cheap ass signs.
in response to We used to go to Barretto but the lack of parking and the arrogance of businesses that think they own National Hwy has put us off. We would rather just stay on base than go through the hassle. If you own the property you do not own the street. If you rent the property you are not renting the street. The street is available to whoever wants to park there whether they go into your store, bank, restaurant, bar or beauty parlor. Why the barangay does not put a stop to this shameful practice is a mystery. Being an American I am particularly embarrassed by the Retired Affairs Office. Their signs are there morning and night, weekends and holidays as if they were some kind embassy compound instead of a rinky dinky mail sorting station.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Olongapo Police Should Do Their Jobs

Comment from a reader on Barretto parkingWhy Bother trying to understand the idiocy in Olongapo and Barretto. You are right its the national highway not the businesses private property. I cant understand why the Politicians dont charge for the parking as they do in Australia, you want the parking sign you pay!!!! They can make millions of peso if they exploit this. If a business wants a sign put it on the footpath as a sign with arrows indicating the parking space and charge for it.Put a time limit so the business owner cant park there as well. NO PAY NO SIGN. AND POLICE IT WRITE PARKING TICKETS INSTEAD OF SITTING IN THE POLICE STATION AND WATCHING TV, The reason they attempt to do this is it costs them nothing for a cheap ass sign. Im sure its a Police matter as well blocking the road I have personally seen the Police remove a sign that they designated a hazard It was after all half a TREE TRUNK and it took three men to shift it imagine if a bike or trike hit it.

SCTEX Bailey Bridge Complete

Thursday, September 5, 2013
CITY OF SAN FERNANDO -- Joint teams in charge of the construction of a bailey bridge connecting the Pasig-Potrero Bridge in Porac to the Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway (SCTEx), damaged during the height of the southwest monsoon, will be completed by middle of this month.
The construction is jointly undertaken by teams from the Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA) and the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH).
Bailey Bridge construction
ON TRACK. Engineers from the Bases Conversion and Development Authority and the Department of Public Works and Highways inspect the ongoing assembly of the Bailey Bridge that will temporarily connect to Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway Pasig-Potrero Bridge. (Contributed Photo)
BCDA Project Manager for SCTEX Services Engr. Joshua M. Bingcang, DPWH Project Management Office-Bridge Sector Engineer IV Engr. Faustino A. de la Cruz, Jr., and SCTEx Development Management Officer III Engr. Ryan Pineda conducted an inspection of the ongoing assembly of the bailey bridge, which is vital for seamless delivery of goods and services in the region.
The bailey bridge has maximum capacity of 25 tons and can accommodate Class 3 vehicles.
The SCTEx, considered a vital socio-economic booster in Central Luzon, connects to the four provinces of Zambales, Bataan, Pampanga, and Tarlac, as well as the Clark Freeport Zone, Clark International Airport, Subic Freeport Zone and the Central Techno Park in Tarlac.
Last month, the strong water current spawned by heavy downpours during the height of tropical storm Maring set off a massive erosion of up to 10 hectares of land from the banks of the Pasig-Potrero river that caused the damage to a segment of the toll road that serves as an approach to the Pasig-Potrero Bridge

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Internet works great in Olongapo

Comment from a reader on Internet BluesThe PLDT 3mbps connection works great in Olongapo, I've checked it at several locations, solid and reliable. As far as being in the dark, power does seem to be getting more reliable since Cepalco/OEDC has taken over from PUD, though our bills have gone up by 20% for the same number of Kilowatt hours per month. PLDT-Subictel is trying to block a new player again, this time Wi-Tribe, check out:

Memories of a Brothel

Kinky's was a popular post-base days bar. Kinky's glory days were 1995-1998. What made it different it was run by a white woman from Amsterdam. It was an organized and efficient whorehouse. Saturdays were big days and you never knew who you would run in to. There were many girls and they had no problem with you switching every week. When you decided on a girl she went behind the bar and got clean sheets and towels and a new bar of soap. You could slide virtually unseen out the swinging back door and upstairs to four perfectly clean, airy, newly painted rooms, new linoleum floors and working fans. There was a nice chair, end table and hooks to hang your clothes. The shower was down the hall and also clean. Later you could slide back into the bar, take your old seat and go on talking to your buddies. That's what I was told it was like anyhow.............

Monday, September 9, 2013

Why Would Anyone Invest in Asia's Fastest Growing Economy?

Comment from a reader on Corrupt officials?another shining example that begs the question--WHY would ANY foreigner attempt to do business in the corrupt sewer that is the Philippines? Go there and enjoy the good things-- if you must-- but keep your wallet safe in your own country...seems that their sole governmental existence, raison d'etre, is to bleed you dry...slowly or quickly...they happily and blithely screw over big international firms building infrastructure for them there, biting the hand that feeds, and the little guy stands NO chance...a lawsuit and accusations will sadly open the foreigner up to more penalties, claims of criminal libel, or worse, personal revenge...

Kinky's is No More

A legend has fallen.  Kinky’s has been reduced to a smoldering pile of cinderblocks. It appears that both of the businesses adjoining Kinky’s were also damaged, but not quite as bad as Kinky’s.  The fire must have occurred sometime in the morning hours, as the building was still smoldering when these pictures were taken at 11:00 

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Subic iffy water supply

Comment from a reader on mind over money: Does anybody know who oversees the standard of water that's supplied by the local agent?(in this case,subic water). Been getting a definately"iffy"supply lately. Yesterday,i filled the washing machine ready for a load,and the water had all manner of debris in it as well as what can only be described as an "interesting"aroma. Sent yet another e-mail to customer services enquiring, and waiting for reply.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Readers respond on Becoming Nightclub Dancers

The contributor doesn't seem to realize that when you lead off by calling the local folks "flips" you begin to discourage potential agreement with your opinion. Also, his assertion that the Philippines lost billions when the US bases closed is a non-starter. The US paid $180 million in rent for all bases in 1988 and was willing to pay $203 million for Subic alone in 1991. Small change compared to the revenues generated by local and foreign investment today. The Bugle's title, though tongue-in-cheek, implying that becoming a nightclub dancer was the only way to solve unemployment, was, of course, out of context. The entertainment industry is a small part of the overall job market. But if you consider the clubs alone, there are managers, dancers, entertainers, wait staff, bartenders, cleaning staff and security. There are suppliers of the many products (licquor, beer, ice, etc) needed for the clubs to function. The city needed to hire more. 

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Calling all Angels

At first glance it would appear that Angel's Bar is for sale. Strange since it just opened. As it was explained to me and if you look at the sign closely it's Angels that are for sale. Not the establishment itself. Hmmmm....

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Nightclubs of Angeles Generate Employment

Comment from a reader on Angeles Tails
Wow. It is a form of extortion. Most will leave Angeles before paying. It would not be a bad idea if that money was assured to be used to develop infrastructure, education, sanitation and services, etc. with tight control without impropriety or graft. Unfortunately politicians have a bad record of making the public coffers their extended piggy bank. Another idea would be to develop industry that could make the city viable and better. No malls! Most cant afford half what is sold so whats the point of another! The bars bring people, hospitality, entertainment is big business. He would be foolish to run them away without something that can employ people.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Broken Education System of the Philippines 
Comment from a reader on: A Lesson in Education
So How do you fix it? The education system here is very poor if you can’t afford to go to good private schools. Classes only three days a week! 4th day reviewing the previous three days 5 day sport. If there is public holiday it always affects the school day rarely the sport day. So most children here despite the best efforts of parents struggling to educate their children find even if they go regularly to school they only get 3/5ths the education of Australian and American children without the myriad of public holidays they celebrate here. Get the Filipina a good education they are as smart as anyone, its the system not the nationality.

Monday, September 2, 2013

The Da Vinci Code Guy Doesn't Like Manila 
Comment from a reader on: Stop Criticizing Us Intelligent Readers!  Depending on the depth of his state of denial or how many centuries behind current events/the learning curve he really is, the Bugler may already know about the "controversy" caused by Dan Brown author of "Angels and Demons" and "The Da Vinci Code" calls Manila "the Gates of Hell" in his new book "Inferno", traffic crime sex poverty sewage flooding shanties etc etc with immediate and predictable hurt feelings and knee jerk onion skinned response/defense by MMDA Tolentino ("we have a lovely zoo") ...I guess the Bugler is with Tolentino...even local editorialists in the PhilStar agree with Brown...Ana Pamintuan: and Jarius Bondoc: 

From the Bugle: The Da Vinci Code guy and the local papers are your sources of information? That speaks volumes on your knowledge of this topic.  

Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Sleazy Bar Flies of Subic from a reader on: The Beautiful Women of Subic are Exploiting Me! Why don't YOU provide YOUR name, hot shot? Be careful who you accuse of being a drunk or not liking have absolutely NO IDEA what you are talking your photo and address while you are at it...lots of pathetic fat cheap ugly guys there nursing their beer at crap sex dens during happy hour and think--or delude themselves into thinking--that they are living the dream, in heaven, talking to-- or rather exploiting-- poor semi retarded unattractive desperate tattooed uneducated pin cushion locals...if that's what turns you on, DUDE, go for it, you have found your own level...but why BRAG about it?