Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Olongapo Police Should Do Their Jobs

Comment from a reader on Barretto parkingWhy Bother trying to understand the idiocy in Olongapo and Barretto. You are right its the national highway not the businesses private property. I cant understand why the Politicians dont charge for the parking as they do in Australia, you want the parking sign you pay!!!! They can make millions of peso if they exploit this. If a business wants a sign put it on the footpath as a sign with arrows indicating the parking space and charge for it.Put a time limit so the business owner cant park there as well. NO PAY NO SIGN. AND POLICE IT WRITE PARKING TICKETS INSTEAD OF SITTING IN THE POLICE STATION AND WATCHING TV, The reason they attempt to do this is it costs them nothing for a cheap ass sign. Im sure its a Police matter as well blocking the road I have personally seen the Police remove a sign that they designated a hazard It was after all half a TREE TRUNK and it took three men to shift it imagine if a bike or trike hit it.

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