Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Flooding and Landslides Are Invevitable

Comment from a reader on Is this a surpise? Until there is a HUGE tremor in The Force, storm systems in the Western Pacific flow from East to West; that makes it virtually impossible to get a "direct hit" at Subic. Any storm which passes directly over Subic will have been attenuated by virtue of passing East to West over Luzon. The actual worst case is a LARGE storm (geographically) which moves slowly and passes to the north of Luzon, missing the land masses which attenuate its power; the CCW flow not only results in high winds from the West but also significant storm surge as the ocean gets forced into Subic Bay; slow movement increases the amount of rainfall, and during the monsoon season the ground is already saturated. Guess what ?? Flooding and landslides. All the things you mentioned compound the problem but are actually contributing factors. I am not a meteorologist and have not stayed at a Holiday Inn Express...but there is one near my home. I am neither a doctor nor a magician. 

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