Monday, September 2, 2013

The Da Vinci Code Guy Doesn't Like Manila 
Comment from a reader on: Stop Criticizing Us Intelligent Readers!  Depending on the depth of his state of denial or how many centuries behind current events/the learning curve he really is, the Bugler may already know about the "controversy" caused by Dan Brown author of "Angels and Demons" and "The Da Vinci Code" calls Manila "the Gates of Hell" in his new book "Inferno", traffic crime sex poverty sewage flooding shanties etc etc with immediate and predictable hurt feelings and knee jerk onion skinned response/defense by MMDA Tolentino ("we have a lovely zoo") ...I guess the Bugler is with Tolentino...even local editorialists in the PhilStar agree with Brown...Ana Pamintuan: and Jarius Bondoc: 

From the Bugle: The Da Vinci Code guy and the local papers are your sources of information? That speaks volumes on your knowledge of this topic.  

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  1. dream on, Bugler...anybody who has ever been in Manila knows it is a toilet...


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