Thursday, September 12, 2013

Embarrassed by RAO

Comment from a reader on Barretto parkingThe Baranguy are serial offenders. Have you noted the NO PARKING in front of the baranguay shed near Sweathearts. that one takes up at least 3 car spaces.Have you ever seen a Baranguay vechile . Rarely are the baranguy even in that shed RARELY. They never take their signs in EVER even when unoccupied. They have been klnown to chase down the owners of vechiles who ignore their cheap ass signs.
in response to We used to go to Barretto but the lack of parking and the arrogance of businesses that think they own National Hwy has put us off. We would rather just stay on base than go through the hassle. If you own the property you do not own the street. If you rent the property you are not renting the street. The street is available to whoever wants to park there whether they go into your store, bank, restaurant, bar or beauty parlor. Why the barangay does not put a stop to this shameful practice is a mystery. Being an American I am particularly embarrassed by the Retired Affairs Office. Their signs are there morning and night, weekends and holidays as if they were some kind embassy compound instead of a rinky dinky mail sorting station.

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  1. I am an American and I am embarassed by your spelling. Really Dude....


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