Sunday, September 29, 2013

Where was the Philippine Military and Red Cross?

Floods, monsoons and typhoons happen here every year and they will again next year and also the next. You would think a tropical country like the Philippines would have some expertise in better handling of this weather, but instead they make it even worse. Everybody knows that when you make the streets and sewers your personal garbage pits everyday, that it will back up drainage during the rainy season. Everybody also knows that the river here needs to be dredged and improved. But mostly nothing is ever done. There are plenty of taxes and money to fix these issues. But, the drains into corrupt pockets are the only drains that seem to work very efficiently here. Oh, I almost forgot the usual begging by the Philippines for the United States military to provide help and assistance. Where is the Philippine military and the Philippine Red Cross when it's needed. They aren't visible anywhere that I've seen. Next week there will of course be the usual demonstrations and talk in the media.

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  1. if a Gordon had been the mayor,then things may have been different.check the head of the philippines red cross!


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