Thursday, September 26, 2013

A cockpit for Olongapo?

Olongapo City needs to get back in the cock fighting business. Sabong is known as the national sport of the Philippines. It is a legal, popular form of gambling that could bring much needed revenue to the city. One of the last cockpits was at the corner of Otero and the National Hwy in lower Kalaklan. In the 1970’s then Mayor Amelia Gordon closed the pit for noise violations and proximity to a school. Later Mayor Dick Gordon closed the relocated site for sanitary violations and pumping waste in the river. This was in vicinity of what is now Olongapo Memorial Park.  At that point this money making machine was moved and lost to Castillejos. Since that time Sundays have seen that Zambales arena crowded with aficionados and tourists alike. Olongapo has a new mayor with a new last name who can give the city a fresh start. Bring back Sabong!

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  1. Why don't you go to the Gym on SBMA? Understand there are cock fights there!


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