Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Memories of a Brothel

Kinky's was a popular post-base days bar. Kinky's glory days were 1995-1998. What made it different it was run by a white woman from Amsterdam. It was an organized and efficient whorehouse. Saturdays were big days and you never knew who you would run in to. There were many girls and they had no problem with you switching every week. When you decided on a girl she went behind the bar and got clean sheets and towels and a new bar of soap. You could slide virtually unseen out the swinging back door and upstairs to four perfectly clean, airy, newly painted rooms, new linoleum floors and working fans. There was a nice chair, end table and hooks to hang your clothes. The shower was down the hall and also clean. Later you could slide back into the bar, take your old seat and go on talking to your buddies. That's what I was told it was like anyhow.............

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