Monday, September 30, 2013

Flood Mitigation Works

Most storms by virtue of the spin of the earth in the Northern Hemisphere travel East West , WNW, NNW, North. What you dont want is one that crosses the Visayas and then starts to travel North , or crosses then stops and regenerates in the West Philippine Sea. then travels North. Ive been at sea for 30 years and have seeen Typhoons go anywhere they want. That's why they were named after women Unpredictable before we became politically correct. Ive seen them travel from West to East and out to sea right accross northern Australia then turn 180 degrees near Vanuatu then slam back into the East Coast .and travel right back to where in started. My point is Flood Mitigation works, Preventive Maintenance Works why do they allow a 80ft high tree 5ft from a house go to the base you will see any number of giant trees just waiting to blow over. Its not rocket science.

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