Saturday, September 7, 2013

Readers respond on Becoming Nightclub Dancers

The contributor doesn't seem to realize that when you lead off by calling the local folks "flips" you begin to discourage potential agreement with your opinion. Also, his assertion that the Philippines lost billions when the US bases closed is a non-starter. The US paid $180 million in rent for all bases in 1988 and was willing to pay $203 million for Subic alone in 1991. Small change compared to the revenues generated by local and foreign investment today. The Bugle's title, though tongue-in-cheek, implying that becoming a nightclub dancer was the only way to solve unemployment, was, of course, out of context. The entertainment industry is a small part of the overall job market. But if you consider the clubs alone, there are managers, dancers, entertainers, wait staff, bartenders, cleaning staff and security. There are suppliers of the many products (licquor, beer, ice, etc) needed for the clubs to function. The city needed to hire more. 

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