Monday, September 9, 2013

Why Would Anyone Invest in Asia's Fastest Growing Economy?

Comment from a reader on Corrupt officials?another shining example that begs the question--WHY would ANY foreigner attempt to do business in the corrupt sewer that is the Philippines? Go there and enjoy the good things-- if you must-- but keep your wallet safe in your own country...seems that their sole governmental existence, raison d'etre, is to bleed you dry...slowly or quickly...they happily and blithely screw over big international firms building infrastructure for them there, biting the hand that feeds, and the little guy stands NO chance...a lawsuit and accusations will sadly open the foreigner up to more penalties, claims of criminal libel, or worse, personal revenge...


  1. WHAT? --no defense of the pork barrel scandal, Mr. Bugler? Fastest growing economy, my ass....dream on...

  2. We here at the Bugle are posting facts. You sir are doing nothing but showing how misinformed you are. Stop living in the past my dear sir and acknowledge change when you see it.


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