Sunday, September 22, 2013

Cut Aid to the Philippines

WHY WOULD ANY ONE INVEST HERE.??????????? Only an idiot would. The PORK BARRELL SCAM says it all, they would steal from the poorest of the poor. The Philippines should not get any aid either until some politicians wind up in jail not just a scapegoat like Napoles. We should all write to our congressmen and stop all aid here until its all sorted out with the Filipino Justice System that should take twenty years or more. It may just may shake up the Justice and legal System here if all except Humanitarian aid is cut off. The Philippines is not a deficit Nation we borrow and give it to IDIOTS.

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  1. Another week another SCAM to steal money off the poor and line the pockets of the few. First we had the PORK BARREL then the DAP now we have the MALAMPAYA SCAM and this may make the measly 10 billion PORK BARRELL look like peanuts 32 BILLION and counting and who is there again NAPOLES and GMA . Why are we even contemplating AID to this country.
    Let them sort this out . Jail some politicians.
    Good on Aquino none of this would be getting out if he wasnt there.No one would be brave enough, I think he needs to run again they will never get this mess sorted out if he leaves after one term.
    We need more Senators like Santiago TOO. FEARLESS in commentary whatever her politics she is at least HONEST dont let her go to the World Court.


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