Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Is this a surpise?

Is this a surprise, choke the rivers with garbage chop down the trees for charcoal never clean the gutters drains if you even have them and you get landslides and floods. Remember there hasn't been a Typhoon in Subic for a very very long time!!!!!!!! All these floods for years have come from storms hundreds of miles away. It scares the bejesus out of me to think what will happen when we get a direct hit and we will its only a matter of time. I approached the SBMA about the size of the trees near the houses and was informed that we survived a Typhoon two years ago and only lost power for 4 days. They seemed to be shocked did not beleive me when I pointed out to them that the particular storm crossed Baguio and La Union NO WHERE near the base. They flat out dont understand what a direct hit will do We are way overdue!!!!!!!!!!!! Unless we get our act together this will be NOTHING send a lot of body bags and dont think it wont affect you if you live high up on the base.

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