Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Lesson in Education

Comment from a reader on The Bugle Should be More Critical of the Philippines

 studies on IQ show Filipinos at the bottom, next to Nigeria...their knowlege of certain accepted scientific facts is abysmal, how things work, history, they have no idea about WW2 or that the Philippines was named after Prince Philip of Spain, their Spanish colonizers, the mix of Malay Thai Spanish Indonesian, Japanese, Chinese even India a thousand years ago, etc etc no sir I am pure Filipina...give me a break...its PATHETIC...ask them about Rizal...the planets, the 10 Commandments, where is Manila, where is the McDonalds, where do they live, ober there just go straight...no one said that makes them inferior, but what does that mean? Inferior education, no food growing up, lead poisoning, genetics, culture of ignorance, whatever IT IS WHAT IT IS and be honest enough to recognize it...if you don't see the prpblems they cannot be fixed....and Filipino is not a race, its a nationality...if your blog was about Stalinist Russia and the reader criticized the mass murders, would that make on 

From the Bugle:

Would be interested in seeing where you are getting your studies from.  

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