Saturday, June 29, 2013

Election Trash

Now that the elections are over,  the Bugle is wondering if and when all of the campaign materials will be removed.  We know that the majority of these campaign materials are illegal according to Resolution No. 9615  .  The following are some of the more pertinent excerpts from the resolution.

 SECTION 7. Prohibited Forms of Election Propaganda. - During the campaign period, it is unlawful:   
  1. To post, display or exhibit any election campaign or propaganda material outside of authorized common poster areas, in public places, or in private properties without the consent of the owner thereof.
  2. Public places referred to in the previous subsection (f) include any of the following:
    1. Electronic announcement boards, such as LED display boards located along highways and streets, LCD TV displays posted on walls of public buildings, and other similar devices which are owned by local government units, government-owned and controlled corporations, or any agency or instrumentality of the Government;
    2. Motor vehicles used as patrol cars, ambulances, and other  similar purposes that are owned by local government units, government-owned and controlled corporations, and other agencies and instrumentalities of the Government, particularly those bearing red license plates;
    3. Waiting sheds, sidewalks, street and lamp posts, electric posts and wires, traffic signages and other signboards erected on public property, pedestrian overpasses and underpasses, flyovers and underpasses, bridges, main thoroughfares, center islands of roads and highways;
SECTION 24. Creation of Task Force to Tear Down and Remove Unlawful Election Materials. - There is hereby created a task force to tear down and remove all unlawful election materials composed of the Election Officer as Chairman, the Station Commander of the PNP (Chief of Police) as Vice Chairman, and a third member belonging to any of the deputized agencies of the Commission.
  1. The Task Force shall have the following duties and functions:
  2. To tear down and remove campaign propaganda materials posted in public places outside the common poster areas;
  3. To tear down and remove all prohibited forms of campaign materials wherever posted or displayed;
  4. To monitor and watch out for persons posting or distributing said unlawful election paraphernalia and to arrest said persons caught in the act; and
  5. To make a report of said activities done by them.
So what the Bugle wants is for all of its readers to start asking the local elected officials to do their jobs and remove these eyesores from our neighborhoods.

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