Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Classy or Not You Decide

Readers,  What is up with the paint job on the new Hot Zone building?  While this building was under construction the Bugle marveled at how the building was going to enhance our main drag.  The style of the building was more modern than most, parking spaces were being incorporated into the building plan, and overall you got the feeling that the ownership had taken some time and they were not just doing it as cheaply as possible.  But then who was it that decided on the paint job?  There is no way that it could have been the same people that designed the building.  Even if you wanted to use flames and silhouettes of sexy pole dancers as the basis of your design the Bugle is positive that the outcome could have been a lot classier than what came out.  What is there looks like some child from the 60's got loose with some neon paint.  But then again maybe the ownership didn't want the place to emit an upscale gentleman's club vibe. I guess maybe trailer park is the vibe that they are shooting for.  What a waste of a great opportunity to enhance our little piece of heaven here in Barretto.

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  1. If you think the Hot Zone looks bad, take a gander across the street at the horrific artwork on the Salty Dog!


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