Friday, June 28, 2013

New Resort for SBFZ

Recently there has been a lot of news report coming out on the P20 Billion resort complex to be built by a Korean company on SBFZ.  The article here is the most comprehensive to date.  But what puzzles the Bugle is that he remembers there being a big controversy the last time someone tried to build on the old mini golf course because it would entail cutting down of several trees in the area.  Makes you wonder what has happened to make these trees less important this time around.  Or is it that the price for the trees has been met,

The second phase of the project is out in the old NavMag area.  The Bugle recalls a bit of controversy out in that area when Hanjin built a condo or two out in that area.  Where are all the tree huggers now?  Have they been silenced somehow?

Speaking of Korean investment on SBFZ wasn't there supposed to have been a big 10 story condo built by some Korean company not too long ago?  We have all seen how that came out.

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