Sunday, June 23, 2013

Readers Comment on the Blue Rock Murder

Comments from readers on  What Happened with the Murder at Blue Rock?

When we travel, we have to realize we are guests in the other person's country, this is doubly true when we get into business. Using two Ozzie phrases, Paul was, "A legend in his own mind" and "Had lost the plot". Everyone has their bad days, but he would demean employees in front of their peers and customers frequently (Ask even his friends). In the two days before the shooting, he fired over 20 regular employees at Blue Rock. Personally I don't think that actually was the motivation. People have hinted with the phrase, "He was a man about town". A woman being married was not a reason for Paul not to pursue them, maybe it should have been. He was very hard working, but not very diplomatic.

And from another reader:  

Check out the May edition of Harry The Horse he gives many of the rumored reasons for the murder.

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