Sunday, July 21, 2013

Angeles Tails

This email and one similar to it have been circulating over the weekend. The Bugle has no idea if it is true or the product of an active imagination...........

Angeles City Mayor Seeking Control/ bar raids

The Mayor wants to fully control all bars in his city. To do this city officials were requested to design a structure so the Mayor can gain full control over every foreign owned bar in AC. This includes the Korean Bars.

The mayor cannot assure protection from outside the AC region. A structure of membership status has been put in place with the commissioning of an accountant firm by city hall to collect all fees. How this works is based on size of bars,. The number of employees will determine the amount charged for membership..

Bars under 30 employees will be required to pay a membership fee of P5000 per month
Bars under 75 employees will be required to pay a membership fee of P10,000 per month
Bars under 120 employees will be required to pay a membership fee of P20,000 per month
Bars over 120 employees will be required to pay a membership fee of P50,000 per month.

The accountant in charge of overseeing the financial structure of this is a very well know woman who runs a accounting firm that does the books for many many bars in AC. The different categories of membership will allow bars to use a barfine system without trouble from city hall. The bars will be required to record the girls hygiene license number every time she bas a barfine. The hygiene fee will be based on the number of times per week that girl goes barfine...

For example 100 peso base hygiene cost for no barfines in a week and 50 pesos for every barfine on top of the base. If a girl goes out 5 times per week then the hygeine fee payable will be 350 pesos.

The girl will be required to attend hygiene as normal but a specially printed card will be issued by city health and be required to be presented at hygiene with the dates she has had barfines. Then the charge will be levied against that card at 50 pesos per barfine plus the base fee.

The bars who choose not to be a part of this new membership scheme will be constantly inspected/raided. This is the reason that the latest raids are being done using local based PNP, CIDG and NBI. It is designed to use these groups to gain full control over the local bars.

The bars that do not become members will not be allowed to barfine and will be tested on such activity and if found to allow barfining outside of the membership group then that bar will have its permits revoked and closed down with penalties.

All bar owners have been informed about this new membership back in early June and several have already joined. Those that already have refused or are seen to ignoring the directive are being targeted and will continue to be raided...

Red light districts all over the world have these organized crime groups controlling different arenas of the game. But now the mayor has jumped in wanting to control all the game before any other major crime group does so.

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