Saturday, July 20, 2013

Rascal: a mischievous or impish rogue

Rascal nightclub opened with a bang on Friday night. The dancers were in sailor costumes. The waitresses were dressed as pirates. There were a number of tasteful shows. An all-girl band rotated in and out. The bar and all the employees were organized and ready to roll. The nautical motif works and is unlike anything else on the street. A friend mentioned that Rascal had too much class for Barretto. We think the barrio has room for everything. Low end to high end just like the tourists. The more choices we have the more people will visit. We saved the best for last. Beer was just FIFTY pesos. Vodka and OJ was 80 pesos with REAL orange juice. Not the crappy, cheep-ass, sugary, Sunquick juice mix that most of the street serves. The top end of Barretto needed a shot in the arm. Rascal may be the ticket!!

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