Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Johnny Rockets Stateside

From a reader:
When Johnny Rockets opened in the Ayala Mall we went and checked it out. Everything was mediocre. Burgers, fries, nothing special. The chocolate malts were chocolate milk shakes. No malt could be tasted. The order took forever while the staff, including cooks were outside dancing to some rock and roll classic. Then recently we were in Hollywood California and stumbled on a Johnny Rockets. It was sensational. Terrific burgers. Cheese fries. Onion rings to die for. And real chocolate malts. We asked the waiter if the staff ever went outside and danced. "Sometimes if we're not too busy but we're usually busy."  Judging by the shortage of customers at the Ayala location they should have lots of dancing time. 

From the Bugle:  As you readers can probably tell Hamburgers are one of our favorite meals.  Keep the info and the pictures coming.

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  1. typical filipino mentality-- or lack thereof...they think their jobs are a paid opportunity for them to party with their co workers instead of actually working...they get offended if you bother them for service...


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