Thursday, July 25, 2013

Up the Zambales coast

As our area grows, more and more people are spreading up the coast to San Marcelino, San Narciso, San Felipe and Candelaria. One of the more scenic spots is near San Antonio, the coastal village of Pundaquit.

Communities like The Palms (Aussie Village) have sprung up around this area. So too have the businesses to support these population growths. We happened to pass by one of the more ingenious ones recently.

Double Suds is part car wash and part bar. It is a lovely stop on the left before you arrive in Pundaquit village itself. The car wash has all the equipment to do the job properly. The bar has beer at P40 and serves burgers (P160), soups, nachos, fish and chips and Buffalo wings. Saturdays they often serve a special meal of beef or pork that has been on the smoker all night long.

We recommend this place as a fun and scenic stop where you can get waxed and hammered at the same time. You might also encounter some of our local characters. If you ever visited the real Midnight Rambler in Barretto during its heyday you might recognize the feel. This place contains that same vibe.

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  1. Pundakit, my favorite area. Looking to rent or buy in or around there soon. It is close to the FRA & the base golf course. No worries.


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