Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Comments on Race in the Philippines

Readers Comment on  Race in the Philippines

Good gosh almighty Mr Bugler, you MUST be kidding...not hiring one or two indigenous actors is the LEAST of their problems...millions are going to sleep hungry...all the incredible garbage that goes on in the PHILS and you seize on actors in blackface? American political correctness in the TV industry is their lowest priority...this ain't Berkeley...did you protest when Filipina actress Lea Salonga played a Vietnamese gal in Miss Saigon? 

From the Bugle:  An Asian portraying another Asian is not of the same magnitude as painting one up in blackface to portray another race.  Let us not confuse Race with Ethnicity.

Race in the Philippines. Good point, Bugle. Take it a step further. How many persons of color are serving as Mayors, congressmen or senators here?

From the Bugle:  Good point, We agree

The noon time shows in the Philippines are a national disgrace. The concept of all these shows is to mock and humiliate the poor. This was most obvious when Willing Willie had a poor sobbing little boy "sexy dance" for a few pesos to help his family. Willie was kicked off the air but was back on the air not long afterward and the rest of the shows do the same thing. In the United States, the poor are mocked because they act like idiots on shows like Jerry Springer but they are doing that for fun. In the Philippines, the poor are being mocked because they need the few pesos the shows pay for the chance to humiliate them.

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  1. Race/Hue in the Philippines is a very real factor. It is a bit of divide and conquer I think the elites in Philippines play with the populace. Its something that is carried from their colonial forefathers. I was sick and was watching TV in Angeles City years back. I had a 103 fever after arriving from New York City. It was strange and surprising how so many of the TV stars and celebrities are part European or with very distinct caucasian features. I was hard pressed after 2 days to see one full blooded indigenous actor/actress on TV and when I did it was usually a bit part, NEVER featured! At a doctor's office I was looking at what I will guess was the Philippine version of Cosmopolitan magazine and it seemed the same thing.. My friend has said that most of darker hue, even educated ones usually have to go overseas to find work. She says it is a factor there and sometimes its very boldly stated. Some places actually place those type of requirements in Help wanted ads. Ageism is a reality there also. Is it a wonder most of the lotions in the cosmetics stores have in bold letters "whitening" or "bleaching" on them. They have some from American companies that they could never openly sell in the USA. Scary is many don't know that it weakens skin and does damage in the long term. Also scary is it sells very well. If that doesn't tell you Philippines has a color complex. You doubt this? Look no further than a cosmetic counter in SM Mall the next time you are there. Look at the bottles of bleaching agents being pushed, marketed and sold to the masses. The only think that should ever be whitened is teeth.

    I commend you for speaking about that TV show they had that was a travesty. I saw it and thought it was a colorized minstrel show from the 20's.

    Great blog!


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