Saturday, July 6, 2013

From our Mail Bag

Reader's comments on A Lesson in Education

I think it is a dangerous assumption to take a thinly disguised subjective narrative and read it as a researched piece of object conclusion.after only a brief perusal of this "piece", i'm pretty sure that(a) king philip of spain was a prince at some stage,(b)a lot of the philippine language is in fact arab based(an influence not mentioned, and i'd be interested to know when the thais exerted such a strong influence!),and last but not least,when were these world wide I.Q.studies done and by whom? 

From the Bugle:  Yet another one of our educated readers agreeing with the Bugle who has always wondered where some people dredge up information from.  Kinda makes us think that there might be some kind of Fox news Philippines being broadcast on some late night cable channel..

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