Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Subic Market Days

For those readers who happen to use the Subic Market to fulfill some of their local shopping needs,  have you noticed how impossible it is to traverse on Thursdays and Sundays.  While the local administration has done some improvements in the area like making one street one way and ensuring that trikes have to stay off the highway during rush hours.  There are major problems with the vendors who set up shop along the street in the back of the market in the large open area near the Subic College.  It seems that originally there was a two lane road that went alongside the vendors tents but the road has slowly disappeared as the fish vendors with their umbrellas have turned this area into a one lane road.  Not to mention the trikes that stop and park in the same area.  It makes for an area too be avoided at all costs on Thursday mornings.  The Bugle wishes that the local officials would take a look into this situation and try to install some order to this madness.  After all the roads are supposed to be for transportation use not setting up shop.

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