Sunday, July 28, 2013

Barretto's Best Karaoke Bar & Comments

Does anyone remember when the Midnight Rambler was this great drinking bar with some of the best music in town? Boy, those days are long gone. During a recent weekend visit, we caught the house band at the Rambler. They aren't bad. They have a sexy lead singer and they do their best to play some great rock and roll. Unfortunately, the karaoke culture of the Philippines seems to have taken over the Rambler and there apparently isn't anyone managing the place to get control of it. On Friday, guys were sending their girlfriends up on stage to sing the usual Mariah Carey and other karaoke stuff. It sounded like cats being set on fire. It used to be that you could always get a cold beer and hear some good tunes at the Rambler. Those days are gone. But it is a pretty good Filipino karaoke bar.

Two reader comments:
1) The night Rascal nightclub opened we spent two hours in Rascal, two hours in Midnight Rambler and two more more hours in Rascal. Had a great time in both places. In the Rambler there were people who went up and sang with the band. Our night it was mostly guys. Didn't notice the karaoke stuff.

2) I really dig the house band, that lead singer is sexy as hell and she does her best, she also has a cute older sister working in the bar, but the manager really does need to keep an eye on the karaoke stuff, karaoke is like a cancer in this country, you have to attack it early or it spreads

1 comment:

  1. a sad reflection of the times."wishy-washy"bars with no real theme and no musical direction


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