Thursday, July 11, 2013

Immigration Questions

this is from a reader asking for advice.  What do you readers think?  The Bugle doesn't think it should be a problem as long as she is able to show proof of funds and hotel reservations.  


I have travelled some Southeast asian countries for the past 3 years, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, even Thailand (boarder), Hongkong and Macau. Now, i am traveling again to Thailand (phuket) via Singapore and i will be flying out thru Clark. I have read your post regarding Clark immigration issues. I have flown to Clark bound for Macau when i was a student and i was with a friend. The immigration process was smooth although there are a lot of questions compared to Manila. My question is I am no longer a student and doesn't have a work. Do you think they will allow me to go out even if i don't have a job? If so, what should i tell them?

Thank you and looking forward for your reply. Hope you can help

Best Regards,

Nikko Rocamora

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  1. "She?" A Pinay travelling alone to Thailand will be suspected of being part of the sex trade, and that's probably why she's asking because she knows it. If it's a Pinoy, no problem, fly away.


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