Monday, July 22, 2013

Rascal comments

A bit hypocritical there, Bugle. You took issue with the Hot Zone's exterior presentation and labeled the management pimps. But Rascal, which provides the same "services" in a tonier venue, gets to evade this sobriquet. Rascal is simply sleaze dressed up. on Rascal: a mischievous or impish rogue.

Deja vu. The last 2 times they opened with a "bang" it was a short while before they jacked up their prices and cut the staff to customer ratio to a level that quickly caused their demise. Standby for a repeat. on Rascal: a mischievous or impish rogue.

Re: Rascal's. I was there last night (Sunday), from 7 to 8 pm to check out the place due to your review. I was the only paying customer for that hour and SMB was 70p. Didn't seem all that much different from most of the other bars, other than the nautical motif. However, hope it works... on Rascal: a mischievous or impish rogue

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